Sweet Potato Quick Bread with Fragrant Rosemary

Sweet Potato Quick Bread

Back in the day when I was raising my kids we’d make homemade bread and pretzels.

Jason and Lauren would sit across the counter from me as I’d knead the dough. Then I’d hand them a blob so they could roll out their own pretzels, or make their own mini loaves of fresh baked bread. They loved that fun time as much as I did, and you can imagine the joy on their faces when they could eat their creations.

I can picture those days as if they were yesterday – they’re captured in my heart.

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Homemade Granola Bars with Almonds, Dried Fruit and Dark Chocolate Chips

Homemade Granola Bars

You’ll laugh when I tell you the inspiration for these chewy, chocolaty granola bars.

On a recent shopping trip I discovered chopped dried plums on sale for half price in the baking section.

Half price! How could I pass that up!

It didn’t matter whether I needed them for a recipe I had in the works, they were half price with a shelf date far in the future.

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Sweet Banana Crepes with Blueberries and Greek Yogurt

Every so often I’m in the mood for a fancy breakfast, so I break out my crepe pan and serve my family a breakfast worth remembering.

Banana Crepes

I’m sorry, but if you’re looking for an expert crepe maker, you won’t find her here. But you will find someone who has fun making odd shaped, sweet banana pancakes in the guise of “crepes.”

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Homemade Energy Bars with Oats, Apple, and Chia Seeds

I’m a snacker from way back, and the habit can sometimes be the downfall of my diet.

Since I’m not a fan of fruit, and get tired of veggies and hummus, I often opt for an energy bar. I read labels and choose the healthiest bar I can buy for the calories, but at $1.50 plus a piece, they make a pricey snack.

Apple, Lemon and Chia Seed Evergy Bars

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