Mexican Chopped Salad Wraps, Black Beans and Avocado

Mexican Chopped Salad Wraps

After the holidays I get back on a healthier track by adding super slender meals like this Mexican chopped salad to my days.

I’m not a big fan of keeping the holiday treat pounds I gained for too long. It just makes it harder to melt them off.

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Sweet Turkey Salad Pita Sandwiches with Apples and Grapes


Turkey Salad Pita Sandwiches

When my husband and I started dating more than 30 years ago, we frequented a restaurant that served an impressive variety of pita sandwiches.

I was instantly intrigued by this new discovery, and immediately started stuffing them with almost any ingredient I could find. [Read more…]

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Mediterranean Tuna Wraps with Feta and Avocado


Mediterranean Tuna WrapWhen it comes to quick and easy meals, tuna wraps are ideal.

Grab a few pouches of quality tuna (don’t buy the cans, they’re a mess to drain), add chopped veggies, then wrap up the works in a whole grain tortilla.  Simple, right?

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