Scrambled Egg Recipe Using NestFresh Cage Free Eggs and a Giveaway

NestFresh Eggs

Long before I met Brandy, a marketing manager for NestFresh, at Foodista’s International Food Bloggers Conference, I was a fan of their 100% cage free eggs.
Eggs are a staple in most homes, with scrambled eggs being the version we love best in our house. NestFresh not only provides consumers with eggs that are antibiotic, chemical and hormone free, they support local farmers. Even better, their eggs are completely affordable.

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Potato Skins Stuffed with Scrambled Eggs and Mushrooms


Stuffed Potatoes with Scrambled Eggs
As far as I’m concerned eggs are the perfect protein choice for a quick meal. They’re inexpensive, and pack a nutritional whollop.  Scrambled eggs being my version of choice.

For awhile there, the incredible egg got a bad rap. Folks watching their cholesterol intake wouldn’t touch them.

In recent years, science has discovered that eating foods containing cholesterol doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll raise the cholesterol in your blood. Authority Nutrition has a quick primer on the health benefits of eggs worth a read if you have concerns. (Always check with your doc too!)

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