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Mother Rimmy 40 Pounds Lighter, 15 Years Later

Mother Rimmy 40 Pounds Lighter, 15 Years Later

I’m not a chef, or a cook who makes fancy meals and elaborate desserts. I’m a home cook who wants to be trim and fit. Having lost 40 pounds several years ago, I learned early on that the key to keeping weight off is learning to cook healthy meals. When Brian Jenkins suggested a guest post about where readers could find healthy cooking classes, I jumped at the opportunity.

Brian has some very good suggestions. I have attended cooking classes at Williams & Sonoma and Whole Foods, as well as PCC Natural Markets in the Seattle area. If you are interested in classes at PCC you can check them out here. I always come away with a new cooking skill when I attend these classes, and fresh ideas to bring to this blog.

Enough about me, on to Brian’s guest post. Enjoy!

Where can You Find Healthy Cooking Classes?

The basic American diet is loaded with processed foods, which are low in nutrients and high in salt. There’s also way too much fat in the foods we eat. What can you do? Take healthy cooking classes that will inspire you to eat better!

Williams & Sonoma

The popular home furnishing and cookware store provides free cooking technique classes on a monthly basis. The stores also provide cooking classes that focus on specific topics and are taught by their culinary experts. The company has over 250 stores in the United States and Canada. Use their store locator to find the store nearest you. Take the healthy cooking technique classes focusing on seafood, chicken, and vegetables to enhance your healthy cooking repertoire.

Sur La Table

This high-end store provides full participation and demonstration cooking classes across the nation. They provide courses in classic cooking techniques, knife skills, specific cuisine, and other topics.

You can choose to take either a private individual cooking class or a group class. The website states that they will create almost any type of class to suit your needs, so you can create your own healthy cooking class! Find out if Sur La Table offers any classes in your area.

Whole Foods Market

The popular Whole Foods Market specializes in natural and organic products. The company has culinary centers in more than 30 of its stores nationwide. Use the store locator to find the store nearest you.

Shaw Guides – Recreational Cooking & Wine Schools

Browse Shaw Guides’ extensive list of facilities that provide amateur cooking classes. Click on your state and look for cooking classes in your area. Surely, you’ll be able to find a few!


Use the cooking school finder to search for the type of cooking school that interests you. The website also provides contact information.

University of Michigan

If you happen to live in Michigan, the cooking classes offered at the University of Michigan show students how to make easy and tasty meals and snacks using fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fish, beneficial fats, and lean meats. The instructors also share tips for cutting costs and saving time. All the classes, except knife skills, are cooking demonstrations.

Austin Healthy Cooking

If you live in Austin, Texas or plan on visiting the city, stop by Austin Healthy Cooking and take one of their free healthy cooking classes. Learn how to easily cook heathy gourmet meals and taste some delicious and nutritious food! You’ll learn techniques and tips from Le Cordon Bleu Chefs.

Learn how to make healthy meals and have some fun while taking a healthy cooking class!

Brian Jenkins specializes in writing articles that offer education and career advice for BrainTrack.com. He has contributed content related to careers for chefs as well as careers in food service management.

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      I have to say, we have a chef up the street that runs a catering company and a small diner style establishment called Mongos in Clearview Washington. His food is amazing. I’ve taken a few classes from him that have been the best ever.

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      It’s surprising how many classes are available in my local area. I’m going to a raw food class this weekend from our local holistic health college. So much fun!

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