Magnificent Muffin Recipes

I’m a muffin making machine.

Magnificent Muffins

These tender, golden beauties served with a steaming cup of coffee make my day.

Banana Peanut Butter

Banana Peanut Butter

This holiday time of year when breakfast making time is at a minimum, I can make a batch of wholesome muffins for a tasty treat to start off those chaotic mornings.

Muffin Batter

All it takes is one bowl, a muffin tin, and a few healthy ingredients.

My muffins always include Bob’s Red Mill whole wheat pastry flour (no sponsored post here, I just like the brand). I’m not a fan of white flour, and whole wheat tends to make tough baked goods. Whole wheat pastry flour turns them light and tender.

Sugar and Cinnamon Donut

Sugar and Cinnamon Donut

If you get the chance to try these breakfast treats, I recommend you start with Sunset Magazine’s Brown Sugar Banana, but remember to stick with one. After all, it’s the holidays, and there’ll be more than one delicious treat to tempt our waistlines.

Happy holidays!

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    We haven’t made muffins in ages in ages! About time to do so again, I’d say. You have some super choices here – thanks. I’ll have to check out Bob’s whole wheat pastry flour – good recommendation.

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