Make a Mexican Pizza with Leftover Chicken Breast

Wasting food is not my thing.

When I have to throw moldy vegetables or leftover chicken into the compost bin, I see dollar bills floating down into my trash.

That’s when I decided to add a Leftover Makeover column to my weekly newsletter. This way we’ll both save money if I’m creating recipes for a new column.

Mexican Pizza

This week a Mexican pizza was the way to go.

Mexican Chicken Pizza

I keep pizza dough in the freezer, along with whole grain pre-baked pizza crusts when I find them on sale. Then when I need a quick use for leftovers, an easy pizza is just minutes away.

This leftover makeover pizza recipe used the dregs from a jar of salsa as a pizza sauce, then black beans, leftover chicken, and a few veggies from the frig make nice toppings. All we needed was a sprinkle of cheese (we want to keep this calorie friendly), and my masterpiece was complete.

Not a fan of Mexican food? You could easily turn this pizza Mediterranean with chopped tomatoes, olives and feta cheese.

Mediterranean Pizza

Mediterranean Pizza

No sense in wasting food when you don’t have too, so why not turn your leftovers into a quick and easy meal. Your family will never guess they’re eating last night’s chicken.

If you’re interested in healthy cooking tips, after 18 years of watching my weight I’ve accumulated quite a collection, so sign up for my weekly newsletter and I’ll be happy to share them with you. What’s even more fun, is my favorite healthy cooks are sharing their favorite recipes like these Black Bean and Butternut Squash Enchiladas from Edible Potential, so don’t miss out!

Happy, healthy cooking!


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    Hi Kristi, you are so right. Throwing away food = throwing away cash, not to mention the impact on the environment. Looking forward to reading your ideas for using up leftovers. Opening the fridge on a selection of leftovers is one of the ways to get creative in the kitchen.

    • says

      Good point Hester – I should have put the environmental impact into this post. For me the key is to make sure my husband doesn’t recognize them as leftovers, so they definitely have to be reinvented. :)

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