The Best Baby Bath Tub UK

Baby Bath Tub UK

Bathing your baby for the first time can be daunting, but it becomes a lot fun as time goes by. You need a bathtub to let your baby have a great bath time. However, what is the best baby bath tub UK to use when cleaning your baby? 

Baby Bath Tub UK

Reviews of the 7 Best Baby Bathtub UK 2020

1. Nuby Baby Bath Tub with Built in Seat and Soft Headrest

One of the best toilets that is designed with your little one’s comfort in mind is this Nuby Baby Bath Tub with a built in seat and soft headrest. This baby bath tub has a soft form headrest for support. Moreover, to help stop your little one from sliding and slipping, its seat is in-built to the top and its base is anti-slip. The best thing about this baby bath tub is that it has easy to grip handles that will help you to easily transport and move it before and after the bath. 


  • The toilet is convenient and practical everywhere because of the easy grip handles
  • The toilet is very stylish and has an anti-slip base
  • The built in seat helps in preventing your baby from sliding
  • It is very comfortable and has good support
  • You can use the bath tub for both toddlers and newborn


  • The barcode sticker has too much glue

2. Shnuggle Baby Bath with Cosy Foam Back Rest and Bum Bump Support.

If you are looking for a baby bath tub that will make your bath time safer and easier, then this Snuggle Baby bath will be the ideal choice for you. It has a flowing roll top and very smooth curves that you can use to bath your baby from when the baby is just a month old to a year old. Thanks to the bum bump on the baby bath, your baby will be comfortably supported when they recline especially in their early months, hence you will have free hands to play with and wash the baby.


  • It has a warm form and soft backrest
  • It is very small in size and light weight to carry hence can be used anywhere
  • The baby bath is very safe to use because of the integrated bum bump
  • You can use it to bath your child up to 12 months
  • It has smooth curves and beautiful design


  • Not suitable for longer babies
  • Very difficult to use

3. Munchkin White Inflatable Duck Baby Bath Tub.

You can also get this Munchkin White Inflatable Duck Baby Bath Tub for your baby. It is very big and your baby will be very comfortable while taking a bath in it. Besides, the baby bath tub has a textured base and contoured headrest that helps in preventing slipping and making hair washing easy. Lastly, you can carry this baby bath tub everywhere you travel to and it has a convenient suction cup.


  • The baby bath tub is ideal both for home and travel
  • It is very comfortable
  • Has a textured base to prevent it from slipping
  • Can be used for tall babies
  • Its headrest is contoured


  • It is not durable

4. White Munchkin Soak and Sit Baby Bath Tub 

White Munchkin Soak and Sit Baby Bath Tub will also give you the best bonding experience with your baby. It features a padded backrest, built in support bump that helps in keeping the baby safe and is non-slip too. Moreover, this baby bath tub has a very sleek and simple design which will blend with all your bathroom decors. What’s more, its handles also double as storage hooks. 


  • It is very easy to clean
  • Its handle doubles as a hook for storage
  • It is non-slip and compact
  • Has a padded foam backrest
  • Keeps the baby warm with optimal water levels


  • Not suitable for a newborn

5. Plastic Blue Baby Bath Tub

Another baby tub that is worth spending your income on is this Plastic Blue Baby Bath Tub. This baby bath tub is very safe for your baby since it is made of non-toxic materials. You can also carry it everywhere since it’s completely portable and very light in weight. The best thing about this baby bath tub is that it has a convenient soap tray that will make you enjoy the bonding time and makes bath time easy.


  • It has a perfect size
  • The bath tub is very comfortable
  • Has a convenient soap tray
  • Very portable and light in weight
  • Very safe for your baby


  • The baby bath tub is not very sturdy

6. White Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub with Plug with Grey Backrest

This White Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub will help you and your baby to enjoy bath time. It will help you in creating a fun and relaxing bonding time as it will give you confidence that your baby is safe and comfortable. What’s more, it has a clever bum bump that will make your baby have a comfortable and enjoyable bath time by supporting the baby in an upright position. This baby bath tub is even suitable for newborns and even the tiniest baby will find it comfortable.


  • Suitable even for the new born babies
  • It has a compact size hence keeps the water warmer for longer
  • It has a clever bum bump for the baby’s comfort
  • Keeps the baby in place
  • The baby bath tub is non-slip


  • Not very durable.

7. First Steps Pink Baby Bath Tub Plastic Suitable for Newborn

Last but not least, you can get your newborn baby or little one squeaky clean with this First Steps Pink Baby Bath Tub. This plastic bathtub is also very comfortable and convenient and will make your baby’s bath time unforgettable. What’s more, it is also non-slip and very easy to use as well. The other awesome feature of this baby bathtub is that its portability is totally unquestionable.


  • Very convenient and comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable even for newborn
  • The bath tub is very portable
  • The price of this baby bath tub is affordable
  • The bath tub is non-slip


  • The baby bath tub is not sturdy
  • Poor customer service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean a baby bath tub?

A: Baby bath tubs accumulate soap scum, dirt and baby poop which form mold, bacteria and mildew when left to sit thus exposing your baby to infections. Your baby bathtub should be cleaned as often as possible, preferable after every use.

To clean your baby’s bath tub, you should not use harsh chemicals as they may affect your baby’s soft and sensitive skin.  You can clean your baby’s bath tub using a microfiber cloth and water to quickly get rid of soap and other residue. Alternatively you can use lemon and salt or vinegar which acts as a disinfectant and is good for sensitive skin.

Q: When is the right time to use a baby bath tub?

A: There is no specific time for your baby to start or stop using a baby bath tub as babies grow differently. However, according to most parents, as long as a baby can sit up, they can comfortably use a baby bath tub. Most babies sit up on their own at around 6 months, but again it depends on an individual’s baby growth and ability. You can wait until you feel your baby is ready, or start to bath your baby in a bathtub a little bit early. That depends on you.

Q: How do I wrap a baby bath tub?

A: One of the essential gifts for a baby shower is a baby’s bath tub. However, presenting it as a gift is the problem since it’s very big. The easiest way to wrap a baby bathtub is to wrap it while it’s still in the box by simply wrapping the box like any other box. If you don’t have a box, you can wrap it using lots of wrapping paper.


This best baby bath tub UK 2020 review will help you choose a baby bath tub that is ideal. All the baby bathtubs listed in this review are good and you won’t regret choosing any among them. You are free to choose any product among them and make your baby’s bath time a very thrilling experience for your bundle of joy.

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