5 Best Basement Toilets System for Bathroom 2020 Reviews

Basement Toilets

Have you ever imagined being trapped in a basement with no toilet? You will have to go upstairs or use your imaginations to answer your call of nature. Basement toilets work just as any other normal toilet. Basement toilets can add value to your property or make your work easy since you won’t have to waste time going upstairs when nature calls, especially if your basement room acts as an exercise room, spare bedroom or even game room. 

There are varieties of basement toilets in the market today hence deciding the best maybe tiresome and time consuming. You need to take quality time to think through before adding a basement bathroom to your basement. You need to address issues like the basement toilet system among other issues since it is more complicated compared to other floors.

Do you want to install or upgrade your basement toilet? Well, then here are the best basement toilets in terms of reliability and price ranges in the market today. This review provides different basement toilets that will definitely suit your project together with their advantages and disadvantages that will make your work simple and easy. 

Besides, we have also outlined the most important factors to consider when choosing the best basement toilets.

The 5 Best Basement Toilets

1. Liberty Macerating Pumps Toilet

The first toilet that you can consider buying for your basement is the Liberty Macerating Pumps toilet. It is a high efficiency toilet of up to 1.28 gallons per minute. Besides, it is perfect for bathroom remodeling and you will not have to break your concrete floors. This is indeed is an ideal basement toilet for bathrooms.

This toilet has improved maceration of waste technology known as advanced razor cut and even has toilet seats. Besides, it has a removable service panel that is key in accessing of the cutter quickly without having to disconnect the plumbing. 


  • Has advance razor cut
  • Comes with toilet seats
  • Has removal service panel


  • Produces a lot of noise
  • Should be installed by a qualified plumber

2. Saniflo Toilet 

Another product that is worth your hard-earned income is the Saniflo toilet. You can install it up to 15 feet below the line of sewer. This product is very easy to install since it has only four connections and you can install it without breaking the floor. 

Buying this toilet will give you some peace of mind as it has two years warranty for replacement or repair.  Besides, it has pressure chambers which are responsible for starting and stopping the unit and a motor. However, the two pieces are bought separately and this is something that most people don’t like.


  • Easy to install without breaking the floor
  • Two years warranty
  • It has variety of sanitary fixture such as the bidet, hand basin and urinal


  • The two pieces are bought separately

3. Saniflo SaniPLUS Toilet Kit 

You can also buy the Saniflo Saniplus toilet kit.  It can easily connect with any sink, shower or any bath. It has an easy installation process since it has only four connections. What’s more, it has pressure chambers which start and stop the unit and a motor to drive the pump and the macerator blades.

The toilet comes with two years manufactures guarantee hence you will be very much satisfied while buying it. You can install this bathroom anywhere without having to break the floor.


  • Very easy to installed
  • Can be installed anywhere in the basement without having to break the floor
  • Has two-year repair and replacement guarantee
  • Exclusive free same day shipping


  • Its replacement parts for the connectors are not easy to find
  • You will have to clean the bowl after every use since the bowl has low water levels

4. Saniflo Sanibest Elongated Toilet Bowl.

The second last toilet item that features in our reviews is Saniflo Sanibest toilet bowl. It has two years warranty for replacement or repair hence you will have peace of mind after purchasing it. Besides, it is very easy to install since it has just four connections. The pressure chambers stop and start the unit, and the motor helps in driving the macerator blades and the pump. 


  • Very easy to install 
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty 
  • Same day shipping  


  • Prone to clogging

5. Saniflo Saniaccess  Toilet

Last but not least, you can also buy the Saniflo Saniaccess toilet to install in your basement. This product has two up flush macerator pumps which can be placed on the side of the wall and two round toilet kits.  Besides, the toilet is finished in white thus has a beautiful look. Its price is relatively cheap. What’s more, it is also very easy to install as it requires only basic plumbing though with the help of a professional plumber. And it is a bit noisy when flushing the toilet.


  • It is easy to install as only basic plumbing is required
  • Its price is relatively cheap compared to other basement toilets
  • Has a beautiful white finishing
  • Has two flush macerator pumps


  • Requires a professional plumber for installation
  • A bit noisy when flushing the toilet

Factors to Consider When before buying a bathroom to your basement

There are several factors that you should look at before buying a toilet for your basement. The most important factors are:


If you are thinking of buying a basement toilet then the first and the most important factor that you should consider is the plumbing system. The toilet should be placed near already existing plumbing system and should be compatible with it. 

You should also consider the plumbing depth and the size of the pipes. If the existing pipes in your basement are undersized then you will have to upgrade to bigger ones. 

Style and Design

Another factor that you need to consider before buying a toilet for your basement is its style and design. Toilets come in different styles and design. For instance, we have the traditional, modern, transitional and even the eclectic designs of basement toilets. You should know the design you want even before beginning your search.  

Toilets also come in different styles such as one piece with the toilet and the bowl seamlessly integrated as one unit, wall mounted, two pieces that consist of two units; a tank bolted on top and the bowl and the tank less which does not have the tank as the one piece and two pieces toilets among others.

Flush performance

Besides plumbing and the toilet’s design, you should also check out the flush performance. Ensure the toilet you choose for your basement has enough power to satisfy your needs. The best toilets are ones with performance threshold levels of above 300 grams. The higher the threshold level, the better the performance of the basement toilet will be and the vice versa. 

There are two types of toilets, the gravity toilets that use gravity to flush the waste and the toilets assisted by pressure and have mechanical tank inside the toilet tank. However, not all toilets with higher thresholds are worth your money. Some of them don’t have value for money.

Efficiency of the toilet

Another important feature that you should consider is the overall efficiency of the toilet. Selecting a water efficient toilet will help you save on water bills.  A water efficient toilet should be about 1.2 gallons in a minute as opposed to the 1.6 gallons for the federal flush standard. 

You should also consider buying a dual flush toilet; it will also help you in conserving water besides being efficient. It uses less water for flushing the toilet liquid waste as compared to solid waste.

Other Features

Last but not least, you should check the additional features of the toilet before buying it to ensure your toilet is comfortable and convenient. For instance, you should look for additional features such as a toilet that closes quietly preventing noise and accidents 

Moreover, you should buy a toilet that is simple to clean and replace or one that has antibacterial glaze if you don’t like cleaning the toilet to prevent bacteria and dirt build up. Even better, you can consider one with the bidet technology that allows you to clean your private part after you use the toilet hence minimizing the toilet paper wastage and improves hygiene.


Not all toilets are equal and there are a variety of brands from different manufacturers.  You will definitely not find a toilet which fits all your needs in terms of prices, technology and even in terms of features. There will always be something that one individual will like that the other won’t like.

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