The Best Bath Panels

Bath Panels

Bath panels are very essential part of any bathroom or suit. They will blend with your bath seamlessly and with the rest of the décor making your bathroom to look sophisticated and stylish. Moreover, the bath panels will help you in covering any pipe remaining which may ruin the overall look of your bathroom and protect all the fixtures and fittings such as unsightly plumbing and pipework.

With the many different styles and finishes available in the market today, choosing the right bath panel for your bathroom can be tiresome. That’s why we have simplified the work for you by covering the 5 best selected bath panels in the market today that will definitely leave your bath with a beautiful and elegant look.

The Best Bath Panels

1. Home Standard Superstyle 1700mm Universal Front Bath Panel

One of the best bath panels in the market today that is perfect for both double ended or single ended bathrooms is the home standard super style front bath panel. It is made from a very high-quality acrylic, has a very simple contemporary design with a high gloss finish and the panel is UV protected. This is to prevent discolouration and this will definitely give your bathroom an appealing look. 

What’s more, it is also universal and can be used in almost all types of bathrooms. However, it is quite sad that there is no warranty that is attached to this product. This means that in the event that anything goes wrong then it can be quite difficult to get some help.


  • Made from high quality acrylic
  • Has panel that is UV protected to prevent discoloration
  • Its universal


  • Quite flimsy.
  • Normally comes already damaged.

2. Premier BPR105 Athena Bath Panels, Gloss White

You can also consider buying the premier Athena Bath Panels, a contemporary, sleek bath panel manufactured from a high MFC with a luxury finishing that is resistant and can combat damn environment. 

It can be used with a wide range of straight bathrooms. Besides, it comes with 5 years guarantee and will therefore offer you some peace of mind. It can also definitely last to pass the test of time. The fact that it comes in almost six different colours gives the users choices to make regarding which one they would like to buy.


  • Comes with 5-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Designed to be used with a wide range of straight bathrooms
  • Available in 6 different contemporary finishes


  • Can only be used with straight baths

3. VeeBath Linx Universal Front Side Bath Panel

The Veebath Linx Universal front side bath panel is also designed to attractively and effectively hide unsightly plumbing. It can fit in any bathroom designs since it has a contemporary high gloss white design. You should note that in order to protect the guarantee of this bath panel, you must ensure the product is sealed appropriately by the professional fitters. 

When it comes to matters dealing with durability, this is a product you can rely on as it is known to be quite reliable and durable. The installation process of tis bath panel is also quite an easy one. What’s more, it also comes with some extra adjustments to make the installation process quite hassle free.


  • Durable
  • Ensures daily home use
  • Only Usual maintenance and care is required for prolonged use
  • Extra adjustment for hassle free installation
  • Easy installation
  • Universal fittings and adjustable heights
  • Comes with front panel and plinth


  • Stars bubbling quite soon.

4. Bath Panel Side Front Cover Flat White Acrylic Plastic Adjustable 1700

The second last bath panel that will give your baths a beautiful look is the bath panel side front cover. It is flat, white in colour, made of strong stone cast with acrylic plastic capping and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Besides it weighs 5kg and the dimensions are 170 by 0.2 by 52 centimetres.

This bath panel is very easy to adjust and therefore offers such a great adjustability. It also looks great and this adds to its aesthetic value too. Most people like to be associated with good looking products anyway.  What most people also love about this bath panel is how easy it is to be fitted. Almost anyone even those with less or no skills can install it. However, some users complain that this product is quite flimsy.


  • Made of strong stone cast
  • White in colour
  • Has a beautiful look
  • Its adjustable


  • Flimsy.

5. 1800 mm Gloss White Front Straight Wrapped Wood Bath Panel

Last but not least, here comes the gloss white front straight wrapped wood bath panel that will add a finishing touch to your bathroom easily with a white front panel.  It is very easy to fit and has white gloss finish that will give your bath a shiny look and has adjustable heights. 

Besides it has 10-year warranty that will confirm to you that it is durable since the bath panel can last to pass the test of time. However, it is important to employ a qualified plumber to install the bath panel for you. What’s more, with the adjustable heights, you can expect much more from this product.


  • Has 10 years warranty
  • High gloss finish
  • High quality bath panel
  • Adjustable heights


  • The bath is sold separately
  • Complex installation, requires a qualified plumber

Factors to consider when choosing appropriate bath panels

Are you are thinking of buying a bath panel? Well, here are the most important factors that you need to look for in a bath panel even before you purchase any.

Size of the bath panel

One of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a best bath panels is its size. To ensure you choose the right size of bath panel for your bathroom, you must have accurate measurements of your bathroom to ensure you achieve a neat finishing.  You should also determine whether you’ll need both the end panel and the side panel or just an end panel. Panels are important for both sides of your bathroom that are not fitted to your bathroom wall.


Bathrooms are always about style; you need to consider your ideal style before buying a bath panel. There are many different styles of the bath panels, you’ll just have to know the look you want your baths to have: either modern acrylic options or tradition wooden bath panels. 

The white bath panels are mostly preferred since they will match almost all the other colours, but you can also choose the coloured bath panels to brighten your bathroom.

Material of construction

Another important factor to check on a bath panel before buying it, is the material it is made of. Many bath panels are made from MDF, which are solid, do not bend and when they are correctly fitted, they are much more permanent compared to Acrylic. 

The MDF panels are considered the best and you should take keen note of the thickness of the board and whether it is vinyl sprayed or wrapped. Moreover, they are cheap and easy to install.


Choosing the best bath panels can be so overwhelming, because of the wider range of them in the market today. I hope this review will help you make the perfect selection that will make your bathroom look stylish and sophisticated.

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