The 7 Best Camping Toilet UK

Camping toilets are portable, easy to use and maintain; they are also cost-effective and hygienic, no wonder everyone seems to be asking the same question “which is the best camping toilet UK?” This article reveals the top products on the market.

Top Products on the Market

The best products on the market include:

Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet

`It has a compact design; this allows for easy maneuverability of the product, it features an ergonomic handle as well. It also has an easy to use piston flush which produces a strong flow of water to easily push down feces and urine.

Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain. Its holding tank is sealed via its valve; this traps the odor within. It also features a detachable seat that’s ideal for cleaning, all you need do is to remove and clean, this removes all the dirt that has accumulated under the rim.

It has a dimension of 414mm (H) x 383mm (W) x 427mm (D) and a flush water tank capacity of 15L. It features a level indicator which displays the waste holding tank. Also, it has a waste-holding capacity of 21L.


  • It is lightweight and easy to maintain
  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design


  • Does not come in multiple colors

Kampa Khazi Portable Toilet

This portable toilet is not only ideal for camping, boat trips, and other outdoor activities, it is also suitable for emergencies, infirm, and other indoor purposes. It possesses an adult-sized lid and seat; it is stable with no risk of its tipping over. Also, it features a stylish and functional design; hence it’s not all dull and drab looking.

It weighs 2.5kg which makes it a very lightweight product that can be easily carried along while traveling. It also has a dimension of 121.9cm (H) x 83.8cm (W) x 101.6cm (D). Its content can easily be disposed of without much hassle, you don’t need to take the whole toilet for disposal.. It has a strong plastic seat that is hygienic, it is also easy to clean and compact enough to transport and store. It is also suitable for the ill and elderly.


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • It is easy to clean


  • The picture does not match the product

Thetford 92305 Porta Potti 565P Excellent Portable Toilet

This product offers its users comfort, practicality, and durability all in one. It does not require a connection to an external water or drainage system and is uniquely designed to meet your toilet needs. 

It possesses a flush level indicator; this allows you to know when it’s time to empty the waste tank. It has an embedded toilet paper holder as well as an improved carry holder for its waste tank. It also features a piston pump, water level indicator, and water fill cap.

Furthermore, it has a water fill adaptor and a comfortable seating height of 440mm. It possesses a user-friendly valve at its side as well as a user manual. It has a weight of 4.9kg and a dimension of 448mm (H) x 388mm (W) x 450mm (D) along with a flush-water capacity of 15L and a waste holding capacity of 21L.


  • It is comfortable, luxurious and practical
  • It has user-friendly features


  • Only features a white color

Branq 16L Portable Camping Toilet Bucket

This toilet bucket is produced with high-quality materials and made very sturdy to give users a comfortable time. It has an excellent design and features a detachable deck flap. It also features Kloseth groove while offering a practical use.

It has a dimension of 37.5cm (H) x 32cm (W) x 28cm (D). It is lightweight and easy to transport, hence you can take it along with you on camping and other outdoor activities. It is easy to use, requiring only users to sit and do their thing after which the waste should be disposed of immediately.


  • It is easy to use
  • It is lightweight


  • It breaks easily

Thetford 92814 Porta Potti 345 Portable Toilet

This is a white caravan portable toilet that offers optimal hygiene and sanitation anywhere and at any time. It is made with high-quality products, it’s durable and uses minimal water. It also offers superior practical use.

It’s a portable toilet that features an integrated pour-out spout; its spare parts can be easily purchased. It has a water-flush tank capacity of 15L, a waste tank capacity of 12L, a weight of 3.8kg, and a dimension of 330mm (H) x 383mm (W) x 427mm (D). It features a level indicator for its waste-holding tank but not for its flush water tank.

It also features a piston pump and comes in white color. It is easy to use, comfortable, sturdy, practical, and luxurious.


  • It is portable
  • It has a great design


  • Its part may need to be replaced from time to time

Denny International [Light Weight] Large 6L Compact Portable Toilet

This is a large-sized, 6L capacity outdoor toilet that features a roll holder. It has two side carrying handles along with high-density polyethylene construction. It’s an adult-sized seat with a comfortable height.

Also, it’s quite easy to empty its content without having to carry the whole toilet along, it has a dimension of 34cm (H) x 49cm (W) x 42cm (D) and is available in four colors namely coffee, blue, grey, and white.


  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • It’s easy to use


  • Only ideal for adults

BranQ 1306 Camping Toilet

We round off with a toilet ideal for camping, events, emergencies, and other outdoor activities. It features a cool grey color and is comfortable enough while also being sturdy and able to accommodate people of different sizes.

It has a waste capacity of 22L and is very stable; it’s also cost-effective with a dimension of 37.5cm (H) x 31.5cm (W) x 21.5cm (L) and a load capacity of 120g. It also weighs 1.5kg. It is lightweight and can be carried about easily as it’s also compact.


  • It is very stable
  • It is cost-effective


  • It’s not sturdy

Buying Guide

When purchasing a camping toilet, consider the following factors:

Weight and Size

It’s important to consider the size of the toilet especially if you have a small storage space in your car or your home. Also, the person to use the toilet is an important factor as well. Go for a toilet with the greatest height as its more suitable for adults (especially tall adults).


If you are a large person, there’s no need to get a small toilet as its likely to be very uncomfortable and may even break under your weight. There are toilets with larger seats and openings that give added comfort for big people.

Also, consider toilets that have extra features and accessories as this will add to your overall comfort.

Tank Capacity

Small camping toilets are more portable and easy to handle, however, they have a limited waste capacity, this will fill up faster and will require frequent emptying. Large camping toilets, on the other hand, are more cumbersome to handle but won’t fill up fast and so will not require frequent emptying.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You don’t want a camping toilet that messes up the whole place. Fortunately, most modern toilets are designed with maintenance ease in mind. There are toilets with a three-way flushing system; this contributes to the cleanliness of the toilet. Also, it’s important to use the right cleaning material and dispose waste regularly.


In situations where you can’t have access to a proper toilet perhaps because you are out on a camping, (or whether it’s for a sick person or an elderly relative), the best portable camping toilet UK comes to your rescue in the best way possible. It always leaves you feeling like its home away from home with every single use.

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