The Best Compact Toilets

Compact Toilets

One exciting thing is to have a restroom with enough space that allows us to move around and do other things.

You can enjoy that if you have the best compact toilets for small bathrooms installed at home. 

If you are interested in these facilities, this article reviews the top seven models and gives you a buying guide of the ideal compact toilets.

Compact Toilets

Top 7 Compact Toilets Reviews: Toilets for Small Washrooms

Here is the description of our top seven toilets for small bathrooms. You can head to the buying guide if you already have a model in mind.

1. American Standard 2403128.021 Compact Cadet Elongated Toilet 

The compact and elongated nature of this unit makes it the perfect model for fitting in spaces meant for round front toilets. Some of its features are:

  • EverClean Surface: It prevents odor and stain growth, which can lead to mildew, mold, and bacteria. 
  • Slow-Close Seat: The seat and lid provide silent closing without slamming the unit. 
  • One-Piece Construction: It is a simple design that removes all the gaps that can collect grime and dirt.
  • Easy Cleaning: The single-piece construction makes it easy to maintain and clean this unit. 
  • ADA Compliant: The bowl comes at the right height to meet the ADA standard when sitting or standing.
  • FloWise Technology: It is a tech that enables you to conserve water when flushing your system.
  • WaterSense Certified: The product holds the WaterSense certificate as it uses 1.28 gallons per flush.

2. KOHLER K-6424-0 Memoirs Elongated Toilet 

The unit has a compact elongated bowl that provides comfort while taking less space. You can fit it in areas meant for round bowls, and here are its features:

  • Comfortable Height: It boasts a chair-height setting that provides comfort while sitting or standing. 
  • Left-Hand Trip Lever: The system has a polished chrome lever that cannot peel or scratch when used many times.
  • Grip-Tight Seat: It is a soft-closing seat that does not slam, and it attached well to the toilet. 
  • Aquapiston Canister: The design ensures the water flow into the toilet’s bowl from ever angle (360-degree). That increases the effectiveness and power of every flush.
  • Durable Canister: That canister is 90% more covered than a 3” flapper to prevent leak and damage. 
  • Ease of Use: You can use this toilet without any hassle, maintain it, and even clean it. 

3. Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One-Piece Toilet

SM-1T254 is a modern, clean, and attractive unit that is recommended for all types of bathrooms. You can use it to complement your restroom, and it offers lots of features, as seen here:

  • Fully Skirted TrapWay: It is a design that makes it easy to clean your toilet every time you flush. 
  • Modern Design: The design adds décor to your bathroom and gives you the functionality you desire. 
  • Soft-Closing Seat: The package includes a seat that is easy to close and does not slam on the unit.
  • Special Holes: They let you reach the bolts for tightening or removing with ease.
  • Wax Ring: The toilet allows the use of wax ring and bolts to attach it on the surface.
  • Gloss Finish: Its finish makes it easy to clean and repel dirt that can attach to other surfaces.
  • Save Water: The toilet was designed to conserve water with every flush you make. 

4. WOODBRIDGE B0500 T-0031 Dual Flush Modern Toilet

It is the right toilet for kids’ bathrooms and powder rooms. The loo is elegant and compact to save you space after installation.

  • For Tight Spaces: You can install this unit around corners and other tight spaces better than a round model.
  • Luxurious Modern Design: It is a single-piece system for limited spaces and provides a modern look in your restroom.
  • Easy Cleaning: Its skirted TrapWay design provides a sleek look that is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Powerful Flushing: The toilet provides powerful flushing that helps to drive all the solid and liquid from the bowl. 
  • Quality Seat: It is a soft-closing seat that comes with stainless steel hinges that last for years. 
  • Certified Seat: The seat holds certifications from the USA and Canada, the CSA, and UPC certificates. 
  • 5-Year Warranty: You get a 5-year warranty for the porcelain part and a 12-month one for soft-closing and flushing mechanism. 

5. HOROW HWMT-8733S One-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

Unlike the HWMT-8733, which has big bolt holes, the 8733S has a small one to leave your restroom attractive. It is recommended for small bathrooms and here are its features:

  • One-Piece Toilet: It is a single-piece model that comes with everything installed to give you a compact design.  
  • Siphon-Flushing: The unit provides a quiet but powerful flush that helps to prevent clogs. 
  • Self-Cleaning Spray: It comes in handy after using your toilet. 
  • Dual Flush: The model boasts efficiency as you can use 1.6 gallons per flush or 1.1 gallons per flush.
  • Easily Installed: You can install the system in your compact restroom without a hassle.
  • Soft-Closing Seat: The seat prevents slamming and ensures your toilet and lid last longer. 
  • Limited Warranties: The brand provides a 5-year warranty for fading and staining and a 3-year one for soft-closing and flushing mechanism.

6. American Standard 2988101.020 Round Front Toilet

It is a toilet you can clean with ease thanks to the concealed trapway design. The product offers other benefits like:

  • Round Front Design: The design makes it the right toilet to install in small washrooms. 
  • Slow Close Seat: The seat and lid close slowly, are silent, and do not slam on the bowl.
  • FloWise Technology: It is a tech that enables you to save water when flushing the toilet.
  • 1.28 Gallons: The unit uses 1.28 gallons for every flush, which is 20% less what a standard toilet uses.  
  • EverClean: The technology prevents odor and stain development, which often results in mildew, mold, and bacteria growth.
  • PowerWash: It is a technology that scrubs the rim to give you a clean toilet when you flush. 
  • TrapWay Design: The design helps to improve the cleaning processing, making it easier and fast.
  • ADA Compliant: It offers the right bowl height to meet the ADA standards when sitting or standing. 

7. Swiss Madison SM-1T257 Sublime One-Piece Toilet 

Swiss Madison Sm-1T257 is a single-piece unit that can fit in small restrooms. It was designed to make your bathroom look more attractive, and it offers these features: 

  • Dual Flush: It is a dual flush unit that can use 1.28 or 0.8 gallons per flush. That lets you save water when flushing liquids.
  • Porcelain Material: The material makes it easy to clean the toilet as it forms a smooth surface. 
  • Compact Bowl: It is the ideal design to give you comfort in a limited space.
  • Soft Closing Seat: The lid and seat close quietly and gently to avoid slamming.
  • Quick-Release Seat: You can remove the seat from the toilet when cleaning or replacing it.  
  • Durable System: The toilet provides you with years of service to give value for your money.

Compact Toilets Buying Guide 

Have you found the right toilet?  If not, here are tricks and tips to help you pick the right one for your bathroom. 

Think About Your Washroom Space 

Yes, you are looking for a compact toilet – but how small do you want it to be? Is your restroom shallow, and you want to avoid the knees touching the door? 

Or do you wish to fit a toilet near your bathtub and need a tiny model that will not clutter the area?  There is not a standardized size for a compact unit, and that means you should measure your space to find the right fit.

You also need to figure out if your restroom is well-shaped or awkward and do not forget to measure the rough-in. 

Be Gentle in Your Wallet and Environment 

Toilets vary when it comes to the amount of water they use when flushing. Go for a water-saving system, and you might end up saving the environment and your wallet. 

A dual flush is highly recommended because it enables you to clear the liquid with less water. If possible, why not get a toilet you can connect with your sink to use the greywater to flush?

Design Matters 

A toilet is one fitting you visit at least twice per day – so, you need to choose an attractive model. For instance, if you have a traditional restroom, go for a traditional-shaped toilet.

A two-piece system might also work for such a bathroom. However, a modern washroom requires a modern toilet – one-single piece model. 

The color might also matter, with most models coming in white.  

What is a Compact Elongated Toilet?

A compact elongated toilet is a system that comes in small size and has an elongated bowl to allow you to fit it in spaces meant for round front facilities. Such a unit is recommended for small restrooms and tight corners and does not sacrifice your comfort. 

These units offer dozens of features to make your bathroom more attractive and provide a powerful flush. Some of the models give you the option to pick between two flush options, one for liquid and the other for solids. 

Final Words

You can now pick the best compact toilets for your restrooms and enjoy the much-need comfort. These are products that can enable you to have a modern unit in a limited space or tight corners.

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