The Best Electric Shower

Just how good does it feel to always have hot shower whenever you need it? Well, that’s all thanks to the instant heating prowess found in electric showers. With these showers, you can forget about heating water every single time or even the dreaded cold showers when it’s quite chilly outside.

Many people opt for electric showers because they’re cost effective and easy to fix. With the number of electric showers on the shelves, you need an eye-opener directing you on what brands are worth spending on. This review for the best showers will help you make the right choice that will make your life easier. 

I have carefully selected 13 electric showers from different brands, those with built in pumps, those that require high pressure levels as well as those for low water pressure levels. So, if you have been wondering about the best electric shower to buy, take a look at some of these best products currently on the market.

Best Electric Showers

1. Triton Seville 10.5kW Electric Shower

This is one of the best electric showers that you can buy at the moment. It has inbuilt heating features. This ensures that the heated water is available throughout the day. This is actually the main supporting idea behind the effectiveness of electric showers. It guarantees you a delightful showering experience with no limitations whatsoever 

This item has a number of electric cable and water entry positions. This makes this shower ideal for both premier installation and as a replacement as well. With such versatility, it also proves to be easy to install with less or no adjustments needed. It’s easy to operate with only simple temperature control dial and power settings. This enables you to adjust accordingly, depending on the weather outside

This shower features a limescale resistant technology that makes it more durable. The shower head also gives you up to 5 spray effects based on what your preferences are. With this, you get to have an experience like never before

This Triton brand features a sophisticated design. It has extensive curves and a stylish raiser rail. If you’re one of those who believe that there’s more to a shower than just the Kilowatts and all that, this brand is for you. It has the ability to compliment any bathroom interiors. 


  • Instant heating
  • Easy to use 
  • It’s economical
  • It compliments any bathroom


  • Increased power consumption

2. Triton Martinique 10.5kW Electric Shower

The Martinique Triton is another one that has push power control buttons. This is unlike other Triton showers with dial control buttons. This enables you to adjust to cold, high and economy depending on what the weather feels like outside. So, you won’t be compelled to stick to the super-hot water being emitted, even when it’s refreshingly warm outside.

It also has a start or stop push button. This helps memorize the power and temperature settings that you key-in before taking a shower for the first time. Therefore, you won’t need to repeat the whole process every now and then, unless you need to make necessary adjustments. It saves you a lot of time.

The electric shower features a simple-to-use temperature regulator dial. This is for setting your own desired temperature whenever you want to shower. The memory system only comes in handy when using the shower all by yourself. With a bigger number of people, everybody should be able to shower with their own settings. 

What’s more, it also features a shower head with multiple spray patterns. A single spray of water being emitted from your shower head doesn’t give the same bathroom experience like that from 5 patterns. Multiple spray patterns allow the water to hit you from different directions as you live for the moment.

It has an indicator whenever the water pressure is lowered. Showers are compatible with different water pressure levels. So, whenever it gets lower or higher than normal, the shower won’t perform as expected. With Triton Martinique, you’ll see LED lighting as a cue for pressure alterations. 

To avoid building-up of limescale, the shower is fitted with a limescale resistance shutdown that will flush the water remaining in the shower before it goes off. This, in addition to an easy-to-clean and flexible showerhead, has a role in improving the shower’s durability. 


  • Instant water heating system
  • Easy to clean and flexible showerhead
  • Automated lime scale shutdown
  • LED lighting.
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • It can memorize the power and temperature settings


  • More power consumption

3. Mira  Vie 8.5 kW Electric Shower 

This is yet another brand worth your consideration. It has a temperature control which is stabilised by pressure. This maintains temperature the entire time you’re showering. We all have had those moments when the water being emitted gets hotter than what you indicated. But with this product, you shouldn’t worry about such fluctuations any more.

It has separate temperature and power control on and of push buttons. With this, you can combine settings that are perfect for you. Once you have keyed-in your settings, the system is able to memorize them. This is a great time saver, especially if you’re in a hurry and needs to get everything done real-quick. 

This Mira electric shower is fitted with a clear-scale technology that reduces the lime which usually accumulates in the shower. Minimal accumulation will leave you with a durable and better performing shower. Remember this is not only applicable to those with hard water, but everyone else because of the residues coming from the water being supplied.

It has one spray shower head with nozzles which are simpler to clean. While others see this as a downside for this product, this feature makes it easy for you to remove limescale that may have accumulated in the shower head.  This also boosts its lifespan. The only problem is that the showering experience won’t match that of multiple sprays patterns.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy-to-clean showerhead
  • Regulated showering temperatures
  • Lime scale build-up reduction technology
  • It is easy to combine settings ideal for you
  • Simple to clean 


  • The showerhead has only one spray pattern 

4. Triton Collection II 8.5kW Electric Shower 

Did you think you have read about all the best showers you could ever get? Think again as there is this beast here called the Triton 8.5Kw Shower.  It has easy to use soft-touch control buttons. All these buttons are centrally placed for ease of access. The power buttons are illuminated and with a soft-touch for power adjustments.

It has cold, economy and high-power options to fit different weather conditions. In the middle is a single action temperature control knob for making any necessary temperature selections as may be perfect for you. 

It’s quite an inspiration for your interior. This collection has a cutting edge design which will give your bathroom a new breath-taking touch. If you mind the appearance of an electric shower, this brand has got you sorted. 

What’ more, it has an easy-to-clean chrome shower head with 5 patterns of water being emitted. Just a simple wipe can positively impact the durability of your shower. This always helps remove any residues which might affect performance. 


  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Easy to install
  • Built with a construction that fits any bathroom
  • Features an outstanding design


  • Slightly costly 

5. Aqualisa Quartz 8.5kW Electric Shower

The next product is this Aqualisa electric shower. It has an all in one smooth-slide control button which is easy to use. Some people often find hard times handling control buttons. You might even end up keying-in the wrong settings. However, Aqualisa has made it simpler with their smooth-glide buttons.

It also features a temperature protection system that regulates extreme temperatures. This makes it safe even for the younger ones in the family. This is definitely a plus because its’s a unique feature you wont find in many electric showers 

The showerhead has 5 spray patterns with nozzles which can be cleaned with ease. Having a shower with multiple patterns of water emission is the best thing that can ever happen to you. The best part is that it requires less effort to clean, thereby improving on the overall durability.

It has an automated system that flushes out residual hot water whenever there’s a delay in the shower’s shutdown. This as we have seen, reduces the chances of limescale building up, thereby affecting efficiency in performance. 


  • An adjustable showerhead
  • Features temperature regulation system
  • Multiple water spray patterns 
  • Temperature protection system
  • Its nozzles are easy to clean


  • Slightly costly 

6. Triton T80gsi 8.5kW Electric Shower

Did you think you are done with the Triton brand? Not yet as here is another one from this great company. It fits easily when installed as a replacement shower. It has unique water inlets that rotate up to 180 degrees. With these you can connect water from either side to match the existing one. It will give an effortless fit during installation.

It has a push start or stop button. After feeding in your desired temperature and power settings, this button will retain them the entire time. You won’t need to make any adjustments. This shower features dial temperature and power rotary control. This makes it simple when adjusting your ideal shower settings. With push buttons, you’re susceptible to making errors when pre-setting. So, rotary is the way to go.

It has a flexible showerhead with multiple spray patterns. These 5 patterns give a personalized showering experience that you can’t find elsewhere. An adjustable shower head on the other hand gives you the liberty to shower in whatever direction you find comfortable. 

What’s more, it has a system that stabilizes temperature, making the shower friendly for everyone. There’re no instances of flow of extremely hot water. This is never safe, especially if you have children using the same shower as you.


  • Easy to install
  • Regulated temperature controls 
  • Flexible showerhead with a number of spray patterns 
  • Has a system to stabilize temperatures
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Easy to install


  • Slightly pricey

7. Triton Collection II 9.5kW Electric Shower

Here is yet another great product from the famous Triton family. This one has an automated phased shutdown. This prevents limescale from being deposited on the heating elements. With such build-ups, your shower will start being faulty, and this is a downside to its performance.  

What’s more, it has central push buttons which are easier to use. All the necessary features are clearly marked, minimizing chances of making mistakes. This ensures that the jets of water landing on you are within your own preferred conditions. There is also a complementary finishing that this electric shower head comes with that is very attractive.

Just like the rest of the products in this range, it features a showerhead with five spray patterns. It’s now quite obvious that this is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Therefore, don’t even think twice about investing in this electric shower.


  • Innovative control buttons
  • Perfect fit during installation
  • Clear and easy-to-use features
  • Complimentary finishing 
  • Safer with the automated phased shutdown


  • Its durability is sometimes questionable.
  • Somehow expensive

8. Aqualisa Quartz 10.5kW Electric shower 

Aqualish has featured again in our list of the best electric showers with their Quartz electric shower. It’s fitted with an automated temperature control for maintaining the pre-set conditions. There will be no instances of temperatures rising out of nowhere while you’re still showering. If such is detected, the heating elements will go off automatically. 

What’s more, this product is calibrated with a maximum temperature. This guides you in case you key in a temperature setting that would be unsafe. The maximum temperature will not harm you at all. This is because the Aqualisa team has interest in your safety as a user. 

However, even though this brand of electric shower will make your shower sessions unforgettable, you will however need to spend some good amount of money to acquire one. On top of that, it also consumes so much power and that is something that you will have to accept and live with.


  • Perfect fit even when making shower replacements
  • Automated temperature regulations
  • Quite efficient
  • Known to be durable
  • Very effective


  • Consumes a lot of energy 

9. Mira Advance ATL 9.8 KW Thermostatic Electric shower

This is a thermostatic shower. With a thermostat system, you and your whole family is guaranteed a safer showering experience. Temperature fluctuations amidst showering always tend to be a nuisance to several users. However, this shower will give you a peace of mind, with absolutely nothing to worry about all through. 

In case of a rise in temperature when showering, it has a system that automatically shuts down all heating elements. This sees to it that the water flowing out is that within the pre-set conditions. There is nothing as good as this when you are looking forward to enjoying such a good showering moment. 

The temperature control button has a maximum to avoid setting extreme temperatures knowingly or unknowingly. The temperatures you set have to be in the range calibrated. However, this can be a drawback to a certain group of people who may prefer their water a little bit hotter than that provided by the shower. 


  • Extreme temperature control
  • Recognized as a quality brand
  • Quite durable
  • Effective
  • Very efficient.


  • Limited temperature control

10. Triton T80Z Slimline 10.5kW Electric Shower 

Triton is still here with us to stay. They have also manufactured this Triton T80Z electric shower that has a flexible water inlet. This makes it easy to fit water connections from different directions. This is usually a plus if you’re looking for an electric shower to act as a replacement. 

With this particular piece, you’ll be guaranteed an effortless perfect fit during installation. The shower has an easy to clean showerhead fitted with 5 sprays of water patterns. This now happens to be the second most important feature after power range. We can now rule that durability also depends on the two. So play your cards well when doing some shopping for your bathroom. 

Its construction presents modern styling. It offers more style than the rest of the brands in the T80Z range. This electric shower comes with elegant curves, smooth lines and an eye-catching slender design. Whatever you install in your bathroom should be that which reflects your personality. 


  • A true value for money 
  • Effortless installation 
  • Accommodates water connection from different sides
  • Quite attractive and good looking.
  • Generally quite durable


  • Relatively higher energy consumption

11. Mira Advance ATL Flex 9.8 KW Thermostatic Electric Shower

The Mira Advance Electric shower is yet another brand rocking the electric showers industry. This particular one is indeed one of the best money can buy. It has rotary control buttons. As we have seen earlier, this improves on accuracy when selecting your preferred showering conditions. 

It may seem classical, but it’ll save you big time because it’s not as complicated like the rest control buttons. The electric shower also has an automated temperature regulation. If you need something friendly, invest in this brand. This feature will keep you and your entire family safe from extreme temperature fluctuations.

What’s more, with an automated temperature regulation system, you can be sure that you will enjoy all your shower sessions for a very long time. The process of installing this shower system is also quite simple and that is something that most people would fall in love with. However, it is somehow quite expensive and that is something that does not please many people.  


  • Easy installation
  • Automated temperature regulation 
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Quite effective
  • Very efficient


  • Slightly costly 

12. Mira Sport Max 10.8kW  Electric Shower 

Here is yet another Mira product that features a manual temperature control. This is a feature it shares with the Mira Advance. With such features, it’s even easier to undo any incorrectly or accidentally keyed-in settings. It makes you shower under conditions that you find favourable and not as guided by errors or imaginations. 

The manufacturer has invested in a sensi-flo Tm which switches off all heating elements if it senses an obstruction. This protects users from excess heat from what they had keyed in. It doesn’t let multifunction ruin your day with undesirable mistakes. 

This best electric shower has memory functions that enable you to key in your preferred showering settings just once. They’ll remain the same every single time you want to use the shower. This saves a lot of time which could have been spent pre-setting before taking every shower

Its showerhead has rub-clean nozzles and four spray patterns. This reduces limescale depositing in the heating elements. Such causes blockage which in turn affects the water pressure that hits your skin. 


  • Fairly Priced
  • Features multiple water spray patterns 
  • Automated temperature regulation 
  • Memorizes power and temperature settings


  • Not quite durable like the rest

13. Mira Vie 8.5KW Electric Shower 

Last but not least, we have Mira Vie Shower as our next product. This shower looks elegant because it has a sleek chrome finish. This favours those who have a thing for styles and designs. If you happen to be part of the crew, you can count on this piece to give your bathroom the perfect touch as desired.

Its shower head supplies you with five spray patterns. The feeling you get when the water hits your skin from different angles at the right pressures is actually unexplainable. Everybody deserves to have this type of showering experience. 

What’s more, it features a manual temperature control button. This ensures that you select the temperature settings of your choice without making any mistakes. In case of errors, it is way easier to correct compared to other designs control buttons. 


  • Easy to install 
  • It’s fairly priced
  • Easy-to-clean showerhead
  • Has a manually controlled temperature control button
  • Provides five spray patterns


  • The shower head is not adjustable 

Factors to consider when buying electric showers

In order to pick the best electric shower from the wide range of showers in the market today, you have to consider the following:

Power Range

Power ratings for electric showers are normally measured in Kilowatts (kW). It dictates how hotter or colder you want your water. A higher power rating speeds up the heating process, which means that the volume of the water heated will be higher. This in turn increases the pressure of the water emitted. 

Power range also affects the price and energy consumption. Showers with 8.5kw and below often consume relatively lower energy compared to those with 10.5 kW or higher. They’re also considered to be affordable. 

Water Pressure

Installing an electric shower requires that there should be enough water pressure from the main supply. The same is reflected on the pressure of the water patterns when taking a shower.

If you want to have a wonderful shower experience, you can alternatively choose from pumped electric showers. They’re fitted with pumps which can effectively increase the water pressure, in case it’s lower from your main supply.

Type of Shower Head

When it comes to shower heads, look out for those with rubber nozzles. This makes it easier to check and remove any sediments or limescale build-ups from the main water supply.

Such may lead to blockage on the shower head, which affects how effective the shower functions. So if you have been having re-current problems with your shower, this could be the problem.

Size of the Raiser Rail

It’s this rail that makes it possible to adjust your shower head as needed. Electric showers with long raiser rails are more flexible meaning that they can be adjustable to accommodate people with different heights. It also gives you the liberty to shower from whichever direction and angle that maybe comfortable for you. 

Installation Process

When making replacements, I would advise that you go for electric showers which are versatile enough to accommodate the previously used conditions. This makes the whole process simpler with fewer adjustments to be made. 

A proper fit signifies effectiveness. An easy-to-install electric shower will also get you spending less money, even when done by a professional. 

The Brand

Buying from a trusted brand guarantees you value for money and maybe a replacement in case it doesn’t work out. Most of them often tend to be pricier on the shelves, but that shouldn’t be an issue

In the case of an already existing electric shower, ensure that you replace the old one with a compatible brand. For example, you can use Triton Martinique to replace an old Triton Opal. This will incur less installation costs because you’ll need to make minimal or no alterations. It in turn guarantees even better performance.


What’s the minimum water flow rate and pressure required for electric showers?

Apart from the voltage from the electricity being supplied to the shower, it’s also important to consider the water pressure and temperature which is incoming. These play critical roles in determining the water flow rate and temperature when showering. 

A lower pressure from the mains would translate to a lower pressure for the water patterns sprayed from the showerhead. However, when the pressure from the main supply is too slow, you can invest in an electric pump which is fitted with a pump for efficiency. There are no general minimum requirements when it comes to flow rate and pressure.

Every electric shower has its own requirements which should be maintained for optimal performance. This depends on the power range, for example a 10.5kw electric shower requires higher water pressure and flow rate to match the volume of water that it heats at a given time.  

What should I do when replacing an electric shower?

For ease of installation, it’s important to look for showers which are compatible or similar to the one being replaced. The main features to consider are the power range and wiring for the electric showers. 

This also saves you money because there won’t be any need to make adjustments or further replacements with the shower elements. It’s usually recommendable to choose from a similar brand because manufacturers tend to use varying features and technology for their products. 


So, what is the best electric shower to buy? The efficiency of an electric shower doesn’t revolve around buying the best electric shower. It also extends to how well you take care of them. Those on the spotlight are those whose main water supply consists of hard water. This is because hard water increases deposition of sediments, which affects the general performance and durability of electric showers. 

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