The Best Elongated Toilets

Elongated Toilets

You might be aware that elongated toilets have become quite popular due to the extra comfort and room they provide, are you? 

There are a lot of these models on the market today to enable you to choose one from your favorite brand. 

But how do you select the perfect model from all the best elongated toilets on the shelves? 

We have reviewed seven toilets that can provide your bathroom with the elongation you desire.

Elongated Toilets

Top 7 Elongated Toilets: Reviews for 2020

Let us review the seven products below to see if you can find a toilet to suit your washroom.

1. KOHLER K-6299-0 Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet

It is a single-piece wall-hung toilet that can take less space in your bathroom to give enough room to move around. The system has a compact elongated bowl that adds comfort when in use.

One thing you should note is the bowl takes that same area as a round-front one. Another thing is you get all the mounting hardware you need to install the toilet. 

All the hardware is concealed to give your bathroom a sleek, seamless appearance that is easy to clean. The toilet also comes with a grip tight reveal a Q3 seat that is durable.

You can combine this product with the K-6284 in-wall tank or other carrier systems. The white color gives your bathroom a gloss finish and makes this toilet easy to clean. 

It is a system that can give you value for money and service for decades. 

2. Swiss Madison SM-WT450 Wall Hung Toilet 

Another elongated toilet that you should consider getting is the SM-WT450 model by Swiss Madison. It is a wall-hung unit that takes less space in your washroom.

The product provides you the option of flushing using the 0.8 or 1.28 gallons per flush setting. What that means is you get a dual flush toilet that can conserve water when flushing liquid. 

It is compatible with most carrier brands on the market today, giving you the freedom to choose your favorite model. The other great thing is the porcelain single-piece design that provides a smooth surface that is easy to clean.

Another thing is the soft close seat that also gives you a quick-release option. You can have confidence; it does not produce noise or slam when shutting.

The package includes screws and bolts you need to install it on the wall. 

3. Swiss Madison SM-WT455 Carre Wall Hung Toilet

SM-WT455 is a model that you hung on the wall and allow you to connect it to all carrier brands to supply water. That means you can easily attach to your existing system, saving you money. 

It is a dual flush toilet that enables you to choose between the 0.8 and 1.28 gallons per flush. You can bet on the powerful effect that can drive all the solids and liquids from the bowl. 

Its porcelain single-piece design makes it easy to clean and maintain. That is made better by the white gloss finish that does not catch stains and dirt with ease. 

The other great thing is the slim soft close seat that does not slam or produce a sound when shutting. It also plays a part in ensuring that your system does not get scratched or damaged.

You get all the bolts and screw you need to install the toilet.

4. American Standard 2855.016.020 EverClean Toilet

It is a high-end toilet with all the features of the most expensive systems you can find out there, but it is affordable. The product boasts an elongated floor mount flushometer valve that helps to control the water.

It is also a high-efficient product that uses 1.6 gallons per flush to drive all the materials out of the bowl. Another great thing is the EverClean design that prevents odor and stains. 

The toilet is hygienic enough, and you can never find mildew, mold, or bacteria on the bowl or seat. It also provides the TrapWay feature to guarantee you effective flushing.  

The product was design last for decades to ensure you get value for your money. It can also conserve water to reduce your water bills.

5. American Standard 3451.001.020 EverClean Floor Mount Toilet 

American Standard 3451.001.020 is a product you can buy for under $200 and still get the features of top-end toilets. It uses 1.1 gallons per flush to leave your toilet clean and ready for the next use.

One thing to note is the toilet comes with a manual flush valve that enables you to control the water flow. The product saves you 31% more water than a 1.6 gallons per flush toilet.

It also saves you 14% more water than a 1.28 gallons per flush system. One great thing is the permanent EverClean surface that prevents odor and stain development.

It is the right model for people looking for a hygienic system as it prevents mildew, mold, and bacteria development. You can be sure you will have a great bathroom time when you pick this toilet.

6. Swiss Madison SM-WT442 Wall Hung Toilet

SW-WT442 is the ideal toilet for small space and was developed to give your bathroom an attractive look. It provides a dual flush system that lets you choose between 0.8 gallons or 1.6 gallons per flush.

The wall hung toilet is compatible with all carrier brands to ensure that you pick your favorite brand. It is made of porcelain material that resists scratch to prolong your system’s life.

You can clean it with ease thanks to the single-piece design that provides a seamless finish. The other great thing is the soft close seat that does not slam or produce noise.

The package also includes screws and bolts you need to attach the toilet to the wall. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble and install the system in your bathroom.

7. American Standard 3461001.020 Elongated Toilet 

The product provides you with an elongated floor mount and flushometer valve to provide the ideal pressure. Another thing is the high-efficient of the toilet as you can set it to use 1.1 or 1.6 gallons per flush. 

It also comes with the EverClean surface that prevents odor and stain that can develop mold, mildew, and bacteria. Although the seat is not included, you can add your favorite elongated model.

The other great thing is the direct-fed siphon jet that allows for sufficient water flow. You can bet on high pressure since the unit operates at a rate of between 25-80 PSI.

Elongated Toilets Buying Guide 

Whatever design you pick – elongated or round, there are things to consider before you select one. A toilet is an equipment that you do not want to return any time soon. 

Hence, consider these factors to ensure you choose the right unit:

  • Bathroom Size: The first thing you should do is measure your washroom size before you pick your unit. From there, you can opt to select a small or large model to meet your bathroom size. 
  • Value for Money: You also want to buy an efficient product, meets your need, and offer value for money. Such an outcome should also be durable.
  • Flush and Performance: Most toilets come with a dual flushing feature that enables you to conserve water. That means you use less water when flushing liquid than when clearing solids. Elongated bowls are exceptionally powerful, and that is why people love them.
  • Comfort: The elongated toilet was designed to provide support to the use while sitting or standing. However, the level of comfort varies from model to model. Here you need to choose the right elongation and height.  
  • Size: The size of the toilet you choose depends on the room in your washroom. Get a small size if you want to leave more space for moving around.
  • Cleaning Ability: Although elongated bowls are easy to clean, some models come with EverClean features. That means they resist stain and odor that can cause bacteria, mildew, and mold. They often get clean with every flush you make.
  • Warranty: It is vital to get a product with a warranty. You should aim to pick a toilet with a guarantee that runs for over ten years. 
  • Soft-Closing Seat: The seat can play a part in ensuring your toilet lasts long as it can scratch the top surface. A soft-closing seat also means the toilet will not produce noise when placing the lid. 
  • Budget: Another thing is the budget. You can find high-end models and more affordable ones. 

What are Elongated Toilets?

An elongated toilet comes with an oval bowl that extends several inches in the front compared to a round model. Such a model makes a bathroom look more modern and add décor.

What is the Difference Between Standard and Elongated Toilets?

The standard toilet is a model that measures about 15-inch from the ground to the seat. An elongated model provides a more comfortable height of about 17-19 inches. 

The elongated units are made to meet the ADA standards and are more of a chair.

What is the Difference Between Elongated and Round Toilets?

Most toilet brands provide both elongated and round toilets. The difference between these models is the bowl’s appearance. 

A round unit is near the true circle and thus does not extend to the front. An elongated system is oval, extending a few inches to the front. 

The round toilets are considered the traditional units, while the elongated ones are contemporary. 

Final Words

It is advisable to choose the best elongated comfort height toilet to install in your bathroom as it meets the ADA standard. We have reviewed several products that have been proven to provide value for money.

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