The Best Inflatable Hot Tub UK


Relaxation is very important after a tough day. Inflatable hot tubs are great solutions for an enjoyable massage but what is the best inflatable hot tub to buy UK? This article will help you answer this question. 

Top Products on the Market

After several hours of research, we identified the top products on the market and they include:

Lay -Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub with LED Lights, Airjet Inflatable

This relaxing hot tub – first on our list – features a multi-coloured lighting system which is controlled through the service of a wireless remote. It can cycle through 7 colours, providing you an ambient mood LED lighting which match any occasion by adjusting. It features a rapid heating function which can attain 40°C. 

It comes with an invigorating and relaxing air jet system which is made up of 87 air jets. The heating system is controlled by a timer through which you can schedule activation and also duration of the heater pump. 


  • It has a sturdy construction
  • It is spacious
  • It comes with two years warranty


  • Uses more energy

Lay-Z-Spa 54123-BNNX16AB02 Miami Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa

This hot tub is a functional and excellent space to unwind and relax after an exhausting day. This inflatable and portable tub can accommodate up to 4 people. It comes with a soft touch control panel where your desired temperature can be set.

This tub heats up to 40°C. You can also activate the air jet system consisting of 81 all-surrounding air jets from this digital panel. The control panel features a system that is controlled by a timer, allowing you to control the heater to suit your preference. 


  • It is easy to set up
  • It has a water filtration system
  • It has puncture-resistant outer walls.


  • It doesn’t come with cleansing package

Lay-Z-Spa BW14294 Saint Tropez Hot Tub with Floating LED Light, Airjet Inflatable Spa

This hot tub is a mighty relaxation space that features floating LED light with 4 colours. It features an air jet system which consists of 87 air jets to provide you an all-surrounding massage for great relaxation. The dual operating, rapid heating function is enhanced by a unique pump technology. It can heat up to a refreshing 40°C.

This tub features a cushioned floor and sturdy beam construction. You can set this tub up in minutes without employing tools. 


  • It has a reliable construction
  • It is spacious
  • It has a cushioned floor


  • Pump tends to leak

Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub, Airjet Inflatable Spa

This hot tub is equipped with all the necessary tools required for you to have a fantastic relaxation. It features a control panel to ensure you can easily operate your spa. It can heat up to 40°C. It is controlled by a timer through which you can schedule activation and also duration of the heater pump. 

With a large capacity, it can take up to 6 people and is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. The air jet system consists of 81 all-surrounding air jets. There’s also a water filtration system in place to ensure your water is kept clean. It is easy and quick to set up.


  • It is portable
  • It has a water filtration system
  • It is spacious


  • Colour may show scuff marks

MSPA Alpine Delight Luxury Inflatable Hot Tub Spa 

This hot tub features a contemporary and sleek style with a unique square design to provide you an amazing massage experience. It can accommodate up to 6 people. The air jet system features an impressive 132 powerful air jets for an encompassing massaging. 

This tub features a built-in control system and whisper quiet technology. It comes with a safety buckle design that is adjustable and make it easy to attach the top lid to ground mat. It has a water capacity of 830 Litres/245 Gallons.


  • It offers superior massaging with 132 air jets
  • It has large capacity
  • 132 air jets


  • Customer service is poor

MSPA Alpine D-AL04 Delight Portable Inflatable Bubble Spa Hot Tub 

This inflatable hot tub is another impressive product to provide you a pleasurable relaxation experience. It features the bias air chamber which makes the spa more stable. It boasts of 108 dynamic air jets that help you to relax and stretch out for an exciting bubble spa massage.  

This tub also comes with a safety buckle design that is adjustable and make it easy to attach the top lid to ground mat. With the discrete wired remote control, this spa will self inflate. The remote will also adjust temperature, pre-set heating timer and turn bubbles on/off. It has water capacity of 650 Litres/171 Gallons


  • It is stable
  • It has a remote control for easier use
  • 108 air jets


  • It doesn’t last too long

Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub, Siena Airjet Inflatable Spa

This hot tub – last on our list – is a special spa designed for two people and perfect for couples. With 127 all-surrounding air jets, it can offer luxury and relaxation for a pampering session or a romantic night. It comes with an innovative rapid heating system that is capable of heating the water to 40°C whilst executing the air jet massage program. 

You also have the luxury of planning your spa massage in advance with a power saving timer. It features a sturdy I-Beam construction crafted from long lasting TriTech material. It also comes with a water filtration system to keep your water clean. 


  • It is easy and quick to set up
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • Water filtration system


  • It has unreliable seals

Features To Consider

There are several features to look out for in the ideal inflatable hot tub. Understanding how these features work will guide you to buy the perfect option. Here, we discuss the most important ones to consider.


The number of air jets that come with an inflatable hot tub are very important. You want a tub with high number of air jets to guarantee you excellent air circulation for a wonderful massage. The air jets determine how efficient the pumping action is, so get an option with the amount of jets that can satisfy you. 

Set Up

This is another very important factor to consider. You don’t want to find yourself sweating when setting up your inflatable hot tub. There are tubs that require professional help and there are tubs that don’t. You want a tub that takes you very little time to set up. Ensure you’re getting an option that can be easily set up for your relaxation. 


It’s a herculean task to move some inflatable hot tubs into a new area without having some troubles to deal with. Endeavour to acquire a portable tub if you want to be moving your spa frequently. 


We have dissected and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the top inflatable hot tubs on the market. You should understand the important features to look out for so you can acquire the best inflatable hot tub UK for an enjoyable and pleasurable massage. You should endeavour to go for a tub that has enough air jets for an excellent massage and also easy to set up for use. 

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