The Best One-Piece Toilets

We all want to install a one-piece toilet in our washrooms but find it hard to pick the best in the market. 

But that should not be the case since there are hundreds of models and dozens of brands you can get out there.

Today we have looked at the top eight one-piece toilets to make your search more favorable. But maybe you might want to know what is the best one piece toilet to buy since you cannot install all of them.

Top 8 One-Piece Toilets Reviews 

The best toilet for your bathroom should be durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. That is what you get from the products below.

1. WOODBRIDGE T-0019 Cotton White Toilet 

WOODBRIDGE T-0019 is a top-quality toilet that provides value for the money and has a modern design. The product has a clean, sleek appearance that makes your washroom to look more attractive.  

It features a skirted trapway that makes cleaning a breeze compared to other toilets. The design has no corner to reduce the possibility of waste sticking on the surface. 

Another feature is the siphon flush that gives you powerful flushing to prevent clogs. It is also a quiet operation that does not leak or cause any other problem. 

The product gives you a comfortable height to use it while sitting or standing without straining. You also get to experience the high-end soft-closing ability of the toilet seat. 

Its package includes everything you need to install the toilet like floor bolts, installation instruction, and more. 

2. WOODBRIDGE T-0032 Elongated Toilet 

The toilet comes with a 5-year warranty, that is also present in WOODBRIDGE toilets in this review. That means you can use the system with confidence and have peace; it will not scratch or get damaged.

It is a skirted trap unit that provides a sleek look and is easy to clean and maintain. You can also enjoy its luxurious design that makes your bathroom look modern. 

Another notable feature is the powerful flushing that helps to leave the bowl clean. It is possible due to the siphoning effect, and you can bet on quiet operation with no clogging. 

The toilet also features a soft-closing seat that prevents slamming and has durable stainless steel hinges. It is a certified toilet that meets or exceeds industry standards. 

The product gives your bathroom a modern look and makes it more attractive.

3. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet 

It is a self-contained toilet that you can install without seeking professional help. One great thing about Nature’s brand is the excellent customer service you receive. 

The unit has a 5-year warranty that can give you the confidence you have a quality toilet. You do not have to maintain it for all that time, and there is no odor.

The toilet offers a large area that can enable two grownups to use it for about 4-6 weeks. When it comes to emptying, it only takes five minutes, and the toilet is ready to use again.

The system is also quite affordable when you consider you do not use water or need complicated installation. It is the perfect toilet for people who intend to move to a new house after a short duration.

4. TOTO MS604114CEFG#03 UltraMax II One-Piece Elongated Toilet 

It is an efficient toilet that uses 1.28 gallons per flush to drive both the solid and liquid waste away. One thing you should note is the system provides the TORNADO flushing force.

The product boasts the CEFIONTECT glaze that prevents waste from sticking on the surface. That offers you a favorable time when cleaning the toilet.

Another notable thing is the universal height that provides you with a comfortable setting and standing position. It is the perfect model for all users, making it a family-friendly toilet.

The other feature is the SoftClose seat that prevents slamming or noise when shutting the toilet. It is a seat that can prolong your toilet’s life since you do not knock it.

The model is CEC, CAL Green, WaterSense, and ADA compliant. You can install it with confidence. 

5. WOODBRIDGE T-0018/B-0735 Elongated One-Piece Toilet 

It is the right model if you want a budget toilet as it goes for under $500 and still provides a feature of top-end systems. One notable thing is the sleek look that makes your washroom modern. 

It also comes with the skirted TrapWay to provide you with a smooth operation and easy cleaning. The toilet has no grooves and corners, and you can reach all the side when cleaning. 

Another feature is the fully glazed flush that provides you a powerful and quiet operation. You should also note that the system does not clog or leak – it is 100% free of problems. 

It is also a comfortable model thanks to the superb height, making it perfect for someone sitting or standing. You can remove the seat for easy cleaning or replacement. 

6. Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One-Piece Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 is a product that features a clean and modern look to fit most bathrooms. It is an affordable unit that you can buy for under $300, meaning you can install it without breaking a bank. 

Another feature is the fully skirted TrapWay that gives your unit a smooth finish and makes it easy to clean. That means you do not need to clean your toilet daily. 

You also get the soft closing seat that can prevent knocking the bowl and cause scratching. The seat also remains quiet when closing. 

Another great thing is the unique holes that let you reach the bolts to tighten or remove. You can install or remove the toilet within five minutes. 

There is also a wax ring that helps to prevent leakage.

7. Fine Fixtures Dual-Flush Round One-Piece Toilet

The system was designed to provide you with high-efficient flushing by using 6.0 or 4.0 liters per flush. That meets the industry standards and helps to conserve water when you choose the latter option.

It offers a soft closing seat that prevents slamming and noise. Another notable thing is the beautiful glazed surface that thwarts stains from attaching on the bowl.   

The system remains free of mildew, mold, and bacterial, as well as odor. You can also have confidence; it is a quality model that comes with a certified valve.

You get a rounded siphon action bowl that leaves enough space for moving around. It is also a dual flush toilet that can save you water.

You can install this toilet without seeking professional help and is lightweight.

8. HOROW HWMT-8733S Small Toilet 

From the name, you can figure out this is a toilet for small bathroom as it can fit and leave enough space. It comes with small bolt holes that add to its beauty when you install it at home. 

The flushing system comes installed to provide you with an easy time when assembling the toilet. One thing you should note is the product is might, although it comes in small size. 

Another notable feature is the siphon-flushing that provides powerful cleaning. The surface is glazed to prevent waste from sticking, and there are self-cleaning sprays. 

The model uses 6.0 or 4.1 liters per flush to gives you a super-quiet, but powerful flush. You also get to enjoy the soft-closing experience of modern toilets. 

The product has a 5-year warranty that can give you confidence when you install it.  

One-Piece Toilet Buying Guide 

It is vital you evaluate, assess, and compare the different models of single-piece toilets you find on the market when buying one. With that in mind, here are remarkable things to watch out for:

  • Flushing System: Every toilet offers its unique flushing ability, and that varies from brand to brand. The best model should not clog, leak, or develop any issues. The flushing should also clean the bowl. 
  • Water-Saving Features: Most toilets provide the option of using minimal water for flushing liquids and more for solids. You should consider a model with a dual flush ability and one with WaterSense certification. It should use about 1.28 gallons per flush.  
  • Toilet Size: You must buy a model that suits the existing rough-in measurements. The toilet should also provide the ideal height for use when one is standing or sitting. A 19-inch height is a standard.
  • Budget: Your budget also plays a part in determining the toilet you choose. There are models you can find for less than $300 while the other goes for over $900. 
  • Durability: Another thing to consider is durability. You should aim to buy a one-piece toilet with a long term warranty of about 5-year. That shows it can provide you service for years.
  • Finishing: Toilets often come in smooth finish made of materials that can resist dirt. Such a product is easy to clean, and it should also be glossy and prevent scratching. 
  • Flushing Lever: You can find it on the right or left side.  

What is a One Piece Toilet?

Most toilets have three parts: 

  • Bowl: it catches the waste, swallows it, and then deposit it to the sewer.
  • Tank: it is a container that helps to store water for flushing.
  • Pedestal: it lifts the toilet from the ground.

A one-piece toilet contains the above parts fused to form a single product. It is also called a single-piece toilet.

Which is Better One Piece or Two Piece Toilet?

There are both pros and cons of having a one-piece toilet over the two-piece one. Although the two types are often of the same size and follow the same installation process, they differ in these ways:

  • Maintenance: One reason why people choose the single-piece toilets is their low maintenance. The molded design makes them catch less dirt and easy to clean. 
  • Durability: A single-piece system is more durable compared to a two-piece model. The coupling between the bowl and tank of a two-piece system usually crack after some years.
  • Cost: A one-piece toilet is more expensive due to the fusion process.
  • Weight: You can break down a two-piece toilet to make it easier to transport.


The above products are the best one piece dual flush toilets you can find on the market today. You can also follow the buying guide to choose a system that meets your needs. 

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