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Shower Pump

In the greater schemes of life, having a contemporary type of shower isn’t at the top of your problems. However, there is no denying just how annoying a lowly powered shower can be, especially in the morning. 

The surest way to avoid starting your day on a bad foot, is to install the best shower pump, for even water pressure throughout your bathrooms. These mechanical tools are installed within the home plumbing system for that refreshing early morning shower. 

For someone new to the shower pump world, choosing the best out of the tons of available options is a tall order. In today’s session, I’ll take you through the whole spectrum of shower pumps as well as discuss some of the best options available in the market.

Best Shower Pumps

1. Bristan ST PUMP20SG 2 Bar Single Ended Shower Pump

The Bristan ST PUMP20SG is one of the best shower pumps for gravity fed systems. Basically, a gravity fed system refers to an installation where water flows from an overhead tank or a cistern to the showers or pumps. In this case, a shower pump is usually a must. This pump is also ideal for loft since it has the best performance in such cases.

When installed in a system where water is drawn from the attic of a house, this pump then boosts the water pressure to 2 bars. This pressure is sufficient enough for an exciting shower experience. 

Remember that is a single impeller pump, only meant for a single water supply only. That is, you either boost hot or cold water pressure. Other options are also available such a 1.5 bar twin impeller, 2 bar twin, and a negative head suction pump. 


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Peace-giving warranty
  • Fixing kit provided for DIY solutions
  • Fits right into existing plumbing works
  • Runs silent


  • Only for gravity fed systems
  • It’s a low-end pump made from plastics

2. Stuart Turner Showermate Eco 2 bar Twin Pump 46500

Stuart Turner is one of the brands for shower pumps. Their brass class shower pumps are famed for their affordability and quality of construction. As such, the ShowerMate Eco 2 comes in handy in case you are looking for a bargain pump in the market. 

As a twin impeller pump, it boosts pressures of both hot and cold water supplies. Both pressure levels are maintained at 2 bars. The best application is in open vented cold and hot water systems

Apart from being used in multi-function operations, the pump is also great at a single function application. Additionally, either basin or bath mixers can be connected to the pump. One of the down sides of this pump is that it’s designed for positive head setups only. 


  • Silent operation
  • Cost effective
  • Compact design
  • Efficient for single shower supplies
  • Affordable 


  • Only for positive head suction
  • Only lasts for one or two years

3. Arley Cyclone 1.5 Bar Twin Impeller Booster Shower Pump

The Arley Cyclone 1.5 bars twin impeller is made in the United Kingdom to offer a range of features to those with shower pressure issues. At a pressure of 1.5 bars, it’s not the most powerful around, but makes it suitable for single shower boosting installations. 

One of the features that makes the Arley one of the best shower pumps is the silent and low vibrations operations. You would barely notice it while running in the house. Secondly, with a Water Regulations Advisory Scheme conformance certification, the performance is approved. 

A twin impeller design allows for boosting of hot and cold water, in the normal tank fed systems. The motor is British made, for longer service life. Also, flexible, push-in 15mm pipes available saves on installation time.


  • Automatic operation
  • Fool-proof seals
  • Anti-vibration feet
  • Easy to use push-in flexible hoses
  • Hardy scale resistant polymers


  • Only for single showers
  • Flimsy plastic construction

4. Salamander CT75XTRA Shower Pump

When deciding which shower pump is best to buy, versatility and price are some of the key factors you need to consider. Fortunately, the Salamander CT75 EXTRA is one of those few options that meets these criteria. 

This pump is not only versatile, but also has a straightforward installation procedure. It can be installed together with a conventional, Victorian, and multifunction shower types. Plus, the pump comes with a fused 3-pin molded plug for easy installation. 

By boosting both hot and cold supplies from an overhead tank, you are guaranteed an invigorating shower experience. Thus, your body gets a great boost in the morning or a relaxing night’s sleep.


  • Well made
  • Excellent size to power ratio
  • Balanced hot and cold water pressure
  • Time saving 15mm with female push in collars


  • Stringent terms for warranty
  • Noisy

5. Monsoon Standard Twin 3.0 Bar Shower Pump

Manufactured by Stuart Turner, this pump is among the wide range of high quality brass pumps from the same producer. With a 3 bar maximum pressure, this pumps is suited for a host of pressure boosting tasks, both in your house and commercial properties. 

The possible applications ranges from single taps, showers, a number of bathrooms, and even light commercial properties. For the best installation and effortless running, the pump is to be installed in a vented system. 

In any type of installation, ensure the feed tank is either above the pump or at the same level. This is how positive head shower pumps work best. Brass fittings elongate the service life compared to plastic constructions. 


  • Peripheral design
  • Durable brass assembly
  • Powerful enough for light commercial properties
  • Faster bath and toilets filling rate
  • Excellent versatility


  • Expensive
  • Reasonably noisy

6. GRUNDFOS WaterMill Amazing STP-2.0B 2.0BAR Twin Impeller Shower Pump

If you are looking for a quiet running shower pump for your loft, then I would suggest the Grundfos Amazon watermill shower pump. Known for their reliability and exemplary performance, the Watermill is a sound solution for low pressure showers

Fitted with a low-noise motor as well as anti-vibration feet, this pump is appropriate for closed places where minimal noise output is desired. Another feature that I love about this pump is that it’s compatible with both negative and positive head inlets. 

Moreover, a twin impeller design has two inlets on either side for hot and cold water supplies. Both single and multiple showers can be run at a time, albeit at a reduced flowrate and filling rates. 


  • Quiet, no vibration running
  • Works splendidly
  • Brass input ports that won’t snap with ease
  • Instructions provided, thus easy installation
  • For both positive and negative heads


  • Costly

7. Salamander CT55 1.5 Bar Single Shower Pump

Although Salamander has replaced the CT55 model of shower pumps with the CTXTR range, this product is still held in high regards among homeowners and plumbers. The pump is supplied with the standard 15mm compression flexible hoses for quick connections. 

A fairly powerful compact motor limits the scope of use of the pump to just a single shower. Also, the connection has to be from a tank-fed supply system. Usage is not limited to instant showers. The pump is suited for washing machines, water heaters, and combination boilers. 

Incorporating thermostatic controls automates the pump for efficient operation and on-demand water supply. Better yet, a high efficiency water way and impeller housing limits frictional forces, hence reduced energy consumption. 


  • Automatic operation
  • Efficient water way
  • Ideal for a range of uses
  • Low noise of 53dB
  • Great value for money


  • Pressure not great
  • Considerably noisy at times

8. ShowerMate Eco Twin 1.5 Bar 46502 Positive Head Shower Pump

More often than not, buyers confuse this model with the previous ShowerMate model from Stuart Turner. Although they look alike, the difference is in in the maximum boosting pressure possible. While the previous model is rated at 2 bars, this one is at 1.5 bars. 

With its peripheral design, this pump is systematically friendly to any one putting it up. You do not have to possess plumbing skills to have it up and running, just the will power. Ideally, the pump should work for any type of domestic shower boosting needs for hot and cold water. 

Since the connectors are 15mm, you need to have reducers, in case the pump you are to replaced used 22mm flexible hoses. As a positive head pump, only use it to augment water pressure flowing from a raised tank.


  • Ideal for small scale single shower
  • Still works when tank in on ground level
  • Reasonably priced for its quality
  • Fitted with dry running protection


  • Only supports a couple of guests
  • Low flow

9. Stuart Turner ShowerMate 1.8 bar Twin Shower Pump

What if you need more than 1.5 bars, but less than 2 bars? Well, if you do, Stuart Turner has an option for you. I find their 1.8 bar ShowerMate twin impeller pump realistically powered, more so when used for 2 shower simultaneously in the house. 

Increased motor torque means more appliance to be fitted to the pump. From a single shower, boosted cold and hot water pressure can then be supplied to a mixer tap, shower mixer, and showers themselves. You would be sure to experience an improved shower experience. 

This positive head pump depends on gravity fed water to prime, since the water flows automatically into the impeller casing. According to the specifications up to four outlets can be supported at a time. However, I don’t think that would be the case in practice. 


  • Lightweight plastic structure
  • Powerful motor
  • High water flow and pressure
  • More than one shower can be supported at a time


  • Abnormally noisy
  • Quality of the plastic is suspect

10. Nordstrand 90W Hot/Cold Water 1 Bar Pressure Booster Pump

The Nordstrand pressure pump is a miniature system of boosting water pressure in an array of domestic applications. These could be home garden irrigation, washing machines, garage water supply, boilers, ponds, and much more. 

Because of the small size, the pump can only increase water pressure up to 1 bar, which is still great, if you consider the applications. Featuring a stainless steel construction, this pump can handle heated water of up to 800C.

One feature that makes the pump easy to use is the automatic switch. Users have the option of either running it in manual mode, or automating it to pump water based on pressure and flow demands. Rated at 90W, I believe the pump doesn’t use much power when in operation.


  • Inlet and outlet fits standard dishwasher and washing machine inlet hoses
  • Energy efficient
  • Great size allows it to be fitted just about anywhere
  • No problem for DIY installation 


  • Limited pressure
  • Installation instructions not clear

Differentiating Between Positive and Negative Pumps

When buying pumps, it is imperative that you make this distinction, especially shower pumps. Most of the time, you will notice that these pumps are given either labels. The difference is down on the location of your supply tank vis-a-vis the bathroom. 

In a case where the intended appliance is below the water tank, then you will need a positive water pump, since the water will flow by gravity, to prime the pump, then it boosts the pressure to the supply. 

If it’s a bathroom, then the cold water tank is typically located in the attic. For those living in a bungalow or single-storey flats, then the tanks are mounted above the shower heads

On the other hand, a negative shower pump is designed to suck water from a cold or hot water tank located below the shower heads. Similarly, the shower heads could be at the same height with the cold water tank. A good example is in loft conversions. 


Choosing the best shower pump is no easy task as many might believe. There are a couple of things you need to get right, key being the location of the cold/hot water tanks. At the same time, ask yourself whether a twin or single impeller will work for you. 

Likewise, the pump size matters too. These pumps are intended to drive a set amount of pressure to the taps and showers. Consider the size of your home, the number of watering points available, and how many showers are to be supported. 

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