The Best Steam Shower Generator

Steam Shower Generator

Among some of the luxury accessories that can complement your special bathroom is the steam shower generator.  It will certainly bring to your home a sense of luxury after a day of hard work. Besides, it will make you have a feel of comfortable sensation and extra relaxation. Steam shower generators work almost the same as the normal shower, the only difference is that the steam shower generators generate large amounts of hot steam that is important for health improvement. 

If you want to buy a great steam shower generator and you are asking yourself what is the best shower generator to buy, then this review will help you. We have listed for you the six best steam shower generators in the market today citing their advantages and disadvantages. 

Best Steam Shower Generators

1. EliteSteam 7.5 KiloWatt Steam Shower System

The first steam shower generator that you can consider buying is the EliteSteam steam shower system. It is very easy to build, has dependable operations and provides a lot of steam. The warranty ensures you have peace of mind. The best apart about this steam shower generator is that you can install it anywhere like in a wall, in a nearby closet and in a cabinet. Besides, this product is very easy to install.


  • Will fit in almost all the spaces
  • Very simple to install
  • It produces reliable quality steam
  • Has one-year warranty and extended 10 years warranty on parts


  • Produces a lot of noise 

2. EliteSteam Luxury Home Steam Shower

Another steam shower head that is worth buying is the Elitesteam luxury home steam shower generator, it will give you high quality steam at an affordable price. The product has a robust warranty of one year on defects of workmanship, material and parts only warranty of 10 years that will make you have peace of mind after purchasing it. 

The best thing about this steam shower generator is that it is sleek and tight hence can be installed anywhere. For instance, you can install it o n the wall, under the carpet or even in the nearby closet. Besides, it comes with all the fixtures and fittings that are required to set it up and runs in a short time


  • It produces reliable high-quality steam
  • Very simple to install and purchase as it comes with everything that is needed to set it up
  • Has limited warranty of one year on workmanship and material and 10 years on parts only
  • Very affordable


  • Shipping delays

3. Mr Steam Bath Generator

Another shower generator that is topping the list in the market today is the Mr Steam bath generator. This shower generator will enhance your luxury for your residents as well as for small homes and estates.  Besides, it can also be used in big hotels, health club, spars and resorts. This high-powered machine of up to 10 kilowatts steam bath generator has an air tempo control; that is the Aroma sampler pack and the steam head.

This modern generator also has other safety features such as the auto flush and the drain pan that are very key for its normal functioning. Besides, the lifetime warranty of this generator will ensure you have peace of mind as it is guaranteed that it will last to pass the test of time.


  • The generator has a lifetime warranty
  • High power generator of up to 10 kilowatts
  • Has additional safety features such as drain pan and auto flush
  • It has ait tempo control 


  • It produces a lot of noise

4. EliteSteam Home Steam Shower Generator

Elite home steam shower generator is also another quality and one of the best products that is worth spending your hard-earned income on, especially if you are looking for a dependable steam generator that has all the essential functions. It is made of very reliable components including stainless steel tank and has a very sleek and compact design; hence it can be installed anywhere in the house. 

The home steam shower generator has a very robust warranty that ensures you have peace of mind while using it, has reduced price points and comes with all the things that you need to set up the machine running and on time. Besides, it is very simple to install and to purchase and produces high quality steam.


  • Produces reliable quality steam
  • It is very simple to install and to purchase
  • It is very tight and compact hence can fit in almost every space
  • Has the best class warranty


  • Does not come with installation manual

5. EliteSteam Steam Shower System 

The second last product that you can buy is the Elitesteam 12 kilowatts steam shower generator. This product is manufactured with one the best manufactures in the industry, the Steamist and it produces high quality steam. The product is very easy to install and to purchase. 

What’s more, it comes with everything including the cables and steam head. Moreover, this elite steam shower system can fit in almost all the spaces because it is tight and compact. 


  • The steam generator can fit in any space
  • Has warranty of one year on workmanship and material and 10 years on parts only
  • Very easy to install and to purchase
  • Comes with cables and steam heads 
  • Produces high-quality steam


  • Does not come with set up instruction leaflet

6. Steamist Residential Steam shower Generator

Last but not least, this steamiest residential steam shower generator has a premium feature that controls and produces steady steam. Besides, it has a shorter start-up time and can work with variety of controls. 

It has warranty and therefore will give you peace of mind while using it. Its components are reliable and it has a stainless-steel tank. Besides, the generator is very sleek hence can fit in variety of spaces and will take a small space for installation.


  • Can be installed with more than one total collection spa options.
  • It produces proportional and controlled steam.
  • It is quiet and produces continuous steam.
  • Has lifetime warranty.
  • Sleek hence can fit in variety of spaces.
  • Has shorter start up time.


  • Complex installation process.

Factors to consider when choosing steam shower generators.

It is always prudent to know the important features you should be looking for in steam shower generators even before you begin your search. These are the most important factors you should keep in mind.

Power Production

The first and the most important factor that you should consider before buying steam shower generators before anything else, is its power.  The power of the steam shower generator will determine the amount of steam it will generate. That is, the higher the power ratings the more powerful the steam shower generator is and the vice versa. 

Ensure the generator you settle on has power ratings of 6kws and above, anything that is lower than that is not worth your money.

Size of the Steam Generator

Besides the power of steam shower generators, you also need to consider its size. You need to check your bathroom’s size to determine the space you have to put the generator. If you have a bigger space in your bathroom, then you can go for a bigger steam shower generator and the vice versa. 

You should also ensure you size your generator so that it can provide the steam required to steam your luxurious room.

Start time

Another important factor that should be kept in mind when choosing a steam shower generator is the time it takes to start. That is the amount of time taken by the generator to start up. Although most steam shower generators take approximately one minute or even less to get running, some machines take up to 5 minutes to start up. 

You should ensure you buy one that takes the shortest time to start up, especially the high-end generators so as to save time.

Noise Production Levels

The noise produced by the steam shower generator is not as important as other factors but it will surely save you from headaches caused by unnecessary noise. Most people can’t withstand the whirring sounds produced by the steam shower generator. A steam shower should run quietly while producing evenly steam consistently. That is why it is important to look for steam shower generators that operate quietly.

Safety features

Last but not least, you should check the safety features of a generator. For instance, the automatic shut off to prevent overheating by shutting down automatically when there is no more hot water in the machine. 

Also, the shower generator should have an auto drain feature that drains water automatically when the best shower generator is not in use and also prevents water storage in the generator that may cause bacteria build up.


If you are thinking of buying a steam shower generator then you have plenty of varieties to choose from. Whether you are thinking of buying a custom-made steam shower generator or just a simple model, there is something for everyone. You will definitely get one that will suit your preference and needs. All these products listed above are the best in the market and will serve all your needs.

Ensure you carefully think about the steam shower generator that will be ideal for you. One important factor you should not forget is that the steam shower generator you buy does not let steam to escape, it should be well enclosed. We hope this review will help you get the best product that will suit your needs.

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