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Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Nothing pleases a homeowner more than walking into the shower with some knowledge that the water temperature will be so fine. And the fact that there will be no more cases of freezing in the morning is another great idea. These can be realized using the best thermostatic shower.

With these types of shower systems, the cold and hot water supplies are mixed before being maintained at a preferred temperature setting for a memorable experience. The thermostatic showers are built with anti-scalding features for maximum safety. They are also known to provide sufficient water flow rates.

So which products can be considered the best thermostatic showers in 2020? And what are some of their attributes? These are just but a few of the many questions that this article seeks to answer. Read along for more.

How To Choose The Best Thermostatic Showers

Before you rush into the market only to come out with a substandard shower head, you need to know the properties that will help in differentiating the best from the rest of thermostatic shower heads. Pay attention to these crucial pieces of information in this section.

Energy Consumption

These shower systems are designed to use electric energy. The higher the kilowatt rating of the product, the more energy it consumes. You should, therefore, consider going for a shower that won’t result into huge electricity bills for you. There are some models that are built with eco-settings to help minimize of energy costs.

Ease of installation

How easy is it to install the thermostatic shower head? Is there an installation manual that accompanies the product? Are the instructions detailed, clear and easy to understand? These are very important questions that you need to ask yourself before the purchase.

If you aren’t skilled enough in this sector, you better go for a model that won’t take much of your time to set up. Alternatively, you can hire the services of a professional plumber to get it done so that you don’t end up messing up everything.

Pressure and Temperature Controls

Do you want to go for a shower system that allows you to control both your water pressure and temperature settings? It is a really nice thing if you can be able to control these two parameters to levels that provide you with satisfaction. There are models that are designed in such a manner while others are pre-set and not adjustable.

The control knobs should be designed with sufficient grip for ease of adjustments even when taking a shower.


These products are priced differently. Others are slightly expensive while others are cheaper. You need to go for a product that fits into your budget. However, the price shouldn’t be considered in isolation as you might end up compromising on quality plus other things.


These shower systems are meant to serve the same purpose. However, they are built differently. There are those that come with both the handheld and overhead showers, others are round while some are square. Some are also plated for shiny finish.

These vary from one product to the next. All in all, go for something that fascinates you. Go for something that is beautifully done and at the same time likely to perform as per your expectations.

When deciding which thermostatic shower head to go for, it is important that you listen to what other people who have used the product before have to say. What are some of their experiences with the product?

Best Thermostatic Showers – A Detailed Look at Our Top Recommendations

1. iBathUK SHP03RDSS Thermostatic Shower Panel

Enjoy one of the best showering experiences using this thermostatic shower. It has a mixer valve which is made of solid brass that helps control temperature of the water. It also has a built-in anti-scalding feature to protect against water-induced burns from 38 degrees.

Its finish is stainless steel which is well-polished and brushed to give it a nice finish. The durability of the materials used in its design is the reason behind the 10-year warranty. Its fittings are anti-rust and work best with water supplies whose pressure levels exceed 2 bars.

It comes with a hose for ease of installation. This product also works by producing a uniform spray that makes the shower process a quick and memorable one.


  • Well-made and durable
  • Anti-scalding feature
  • Nice appearance
  • Well-priced
  • Easy to set up


  • Doesn’t perform well with low pressure waters

2. GROHE 27922000 Thermostatic Shower

This is a comfortable shower system that comprises of both hand and head shower. It comes with 2 spray patterns that are convenient to use either in the morning or late in the evening. The nozzles are designed in a manner that there is even outflow of water across all of them.

Built with a TurboStat thermostat, the GROHE 27922000 ensures that the water heats up a little faster before being maintained at a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius throughout the entire shower. It comes with a button which helps in preselecting the said temperature.

It also uses CoolTouch technology that prevents the external fittings from heating up which by extension protects against scalding. The chrome finish makes it easy to clean apart from the pretty appearance that comes with the finish. It is good for water saving and its installation process is quite simple.


  • Easy to install
  • Quick heat up
  • Saves water
  • Easy to cleanup and maintain
  • Easy to control temperature


  • No grip on the knobs

3. Mira Showers 1.1736.403 Thermostatic Shower

This one is built with 2 shower heads to elevate your bathroom experience. You can choose to divert between hand-held and overhead shower. It also allows for addition of plug-in accessories for better experiences. It also has a thermostatic temperature control that ensures that all your family members are kept safe while bathing.

The product has two sets of controls; for temperature and water flow rate all which are aimed at ensuring that you enjoy the shower. Its installation process doesn’t require much resources and time as it comes with 50mm pipe centers. 

There are no plumbing fixings associated with this shower system making it easy to clean. It is a perfect one for combi boilers. However, the distance between its cold and hot water pipes is somehow too short.


  • The 2 heads can be used separately or at once
  • Consistent temperature regulation
  • Quick installation process
  • Well-constructed
  • Higher water flow rate
  • Easy to clean


  • Distance between cold and hot water pipes is too short

4. Bristan KN2 SHXRR C Colonial2 Thermostatic Shower

Here is another product that has been built with thermostatic protection to the level of TMV2 for advanced safety. It is compact and perfect for use in the smallest of bathrooms. It comes with inlet elbows which are adjustable for easy installation as they can accommodate between 110 and 155mm centers.

The finish which is chrome plated makes it to stand out among most of the shower heads. The durability of the materials used in its design is the reason behind the 5-year warranty it comes with. It works well with both low pressure and high pressure plumbing systems. Apart from the shower head, the package includes a riser shower kit as well as rose. 


  • Well-made and solid
  • Easy installation
  • Well-priced
  • Adjustable cold and hot water centers
  • Nice looking
  • Great customer care services


  • Too few securing saddles included

5. Bristan SOQ2 SHXAR C Sonqiue Thermostatic Shower

Just like the other products from Bristan, the SOQ2 SHXAR is also built with a TMV2 level thermostat. It also has a 5-year warranty accompanying its purchase. The product is supplied with a kit that contains a fixing bracket that’s adjustable as well as a single-function handset to simplify retro-fit installation.

The chrome finish makes it pretty. Their award-winning customer service unit will be on standby to help sort out all your issues. The shower head functions well in both low and high water pressure environments. 

It fits well in small spaces due to its compact size. Additionally, the shower head is supplied with inlet elbows that can accommodate 110 to 155mm centers for simple retro-fit installation. A user manual is also included to help you get the best out of your shower head.


  • Easily adjustable water temperature
  • Well-made, solid and durable
  • Easy to install
  • Quick delivery
  • Beautiful finish


  • The thermostat is difficult to reach

6. GROHE 34565000 Grohtherm 800 Thermostatic Shower

This shower head is designed with a water-saving feature plus a shiny chrome finish to make it a great one for consideration as well. It has an eco-button that helps you choose if you want full or half shower therefore helping save on energy and water. The saving is done in a way that the performance of the shower isn’t compromised.

However, the shower head needs a water pressure of over 1 bar for its optimum performance. You can either choose the jet or rain shower with this product. Its constant temperature setting protects against scalding.

The purchase includes a hose and rail of 1750mm and 600mm respectively. This shower head delivers water consistently and with precision to all the nozzles. The water heating process takes just seconds. Cleaning lime scale residues is simple; just simple wipes.


  • Very solid and long-lasting
  • Quick installation
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Easy to use controls


  • Missing sticking switch for turning the different settings of the shower head

7. iBathUK SP5106 Thermostatic Shower

This SP5106 shower system from iBathUK features some of the most modern designs for any kind of bathroom. When you purchase this product you get yourself a handheld and overhead shower heads, sliding bracket and hose. These are meant to hasten the installation process as well as alleviate your bathroom experience.

The shiny chrome finish makes it quite appealing to the eye. Both the shower bracket and arm are meant of stainless steel for durability. In fact, this product comes with a warranty of 10 years. It also makes use of the ceramic disc technology for performances that are drip-free.

Its design is a unique modern square. It works well with almost all water systems.


  • Quick delivery
  • Heavy and solid head
  • Clear installation instructions
  • Polished chrome finish
  • Drip-free performance


  • Plastic hoses and brackets can easily crack

8. iBathUK SP9243 Thermostatic Shower

The built-in thermostatic valve mixer allows you to have complete control of the water temperature. This comes in handy with the 38 degrees Celsius anti-scalding feature for safety purposes. The head is stainless steel while the valve core is a solid brass to make it long-lasting.

The finish is polished chrome and the head can be tilted for about 15 degrees. The anti-lime scale nozzles are easy to clean. The head provides for even water spray that covers a larger area. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Easy to operate
  • Very stylish finish
  • Solid and durable
  • Easy to cleanup
  • Quick delivery


  • Instructions not clear
  • Plastic hand shower isn’t durable

9. iBathUK SS3WCSQ02 Thermostatic Shower

Built with a temperature control for anti-scalding feature, the SS3WCSQ02 looks more or less the same as the other ones from the same brand. This product also has a warranty of 10 years. The handheld head comes with a wall connector and anti-kink hose for a nice bathroom experience.

Its nozzles are easy to clean and the chrome finish that is highly polished makes it look pretty. The anti-scalding feature for this shower head is set at 38 degrees Celsius. The product also comes with a bath filler waste tap. The even spray that comes from the nozzles ensures you enjoy your bath.


  • Durable
  • Easy to clean nozzles
  • Quick installation process
  • Anti-scalding feature
  • Well-priced


  • Bath filler tap missing in most purchases
  • Handheld shower head is plastic

10. iBathUK SP5104 Round Thermostatic Shower

The SP5104 is built with a solidly done brass to protect against corrosion and rust. The product uses ceramic disc technology that ensures that there are no water drips. The dial has been printed using high-quality laser technology.

Its anti-scalding feature is set at 38oC to protect against injuries. Furthermore, the reflective feature comes about as a result of the highly polished chrome used in its making. The shower head is built in a manner that makes the nozzles easy to cleanup. Also included in the purchase are fittings and adjustable shower bracket.

There is also a 1.5m flexible hose made of stainless steel included to simplify the installation process. The shower head works perfectly with any water systems as long as the water pressure is more than 1 bar.


  • Well-packaged
  • Easy installation
  • Easily adjustable temperature settings
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to clean


11. Micoe Bathroom M-A 10427-1D Thermostatic Shower

Here is another thermostatic shower whose temperature can be set between 20 and 50oC. However, the anti-scalding feature is usually activated at 38oC. It is brass constructed to make it long-lasting as such surfaces are anti-corrosion and rust. 

The shower system comes with ceramic disc valves to protect against water drips. Its installation process is very straightforward and easy. The shower head works well in waters with pressure of more than 1 bar. The shower has an internal mixer that balances both the hot and cold water pressures for a stable water temperature; the process is automatic. 


  • Quick delivery
  • Quick installation
  • Stylish look
  • Solidly-built and durable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compact design to fit anywhere


  • Slightly cheap mixer
  • Installation cowls and valves aren’t concluded

12. MICOE Bathroom A10326-1D Thermostatic Shower

The A10326-1D from Micoe is made using brass that’s solidly done to ensure that it lasts longer by preventing both corrosion and rust. The multiple chrome plating helps prevent discoloration while also giving the shower head a nice appearance. These are aimed at making the shower system lifelong.

Its purchase is usually accompanied with an instructions manual that is not only detailed but also simple to understand. This product is easy to install with inlet sizes being G ¾’’ while the outlets measure G ½’’. These make it easy to install in place of the older models. It has a return window of up to 30 days. Its safety button starts functioning at temperatures of 38oC.


  • Fast delivery
  • Easy to install
  • Clear instructions
  • Affordable
  • Solid and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean nozzles


  • Water shoots in different directions after some time
  • Cowls and valves aren’t included for new installations

13. iBathUK SP1012 Thermostatic Shower

The SP1012 from iBathUK is the last product in my list. It comes with water fittings that are anti-corrosion. The solid brass that forms part of its design makes it long-lasting while the shiny chrome finish gives it a beautiful appearance.

It has a built-in anti-scalding feature that’s set at 38oC to protect against water burns. The shower head is known to provide even water flow with the nozzles being easy to clean. The head is made from ABS plastic which is solidly done.

The shower head is 8 inches in diameter and should be connected to a standard ½-inch inlet pipe. It is recommended for use with waters of 3 bar pressure.


  • Well-priced
  • Pretty finish
  • Arrives in time
  • Installation instructions are very clear
  • Durable


  • Poor customer care services
  • Frequent water leaks from the joints


Taking a shower early in the morning shouldn’t be a problem anymore. This article has some of the best shower heads that you can consider buying for a better experience. So which one really stands out among them all?

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