The Best Toilet Brush UK

Toilet Brush UK

What is the best toilet brush UK to buy? A good toilet brush should be very gentle while still having great cleaning powers. Finding a good toilet brush that will give your toilet a deeper clean is very difficult and takes time. That’s why we have outlined for you these 7 best toilet brushes in the market today to help you choose one ideal for your entire toilet cleaning needs.

Toilet Brush UK

Reviews of The 7 Best Toilet Brush UK 2020

1. MEKEET Silicone Toilet Brush Holder Set

One of the best toilet brushes in UK 2020 is this MEKEET Silicon Toilet Brush holder set. It has a very unique center of gravity design and its holder base is breathable and stable. The best thing about this brush is that it will help you save on space since it has an adhesive tape on its sides, hence you can hang it on a wall. 

It does not also allow breeding of disease causing bacteria such as mold and fungi. This is thanks to its intermediate hole design that allows its cup to dry up fast. However, this brush seems not to be quite strong and therefore should be used with a lot of care.


  • Has an ergonomic handle making it easier to clean
  • It is made from an antibacterial material and does not capture bacteria
  • It’s a great fit for any bathroom
  • It is very easy to use
  • The base is breathable and very stable
  • It can clean under the rim and all the other hard to reach areas


  • The brush is not strong enough

2. NEWXLT Upgraded Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brushes

Another toilet brush that you can consider buying for cleaning your toilet is the NEWXLT Upgraded Bathroom Toilet Bowl Brush. This toilet brush has a circular base hence it can stand stable on the ground. Besides, you can also hang it on the wall since it has adhesive tape on the inside. 

The best thing about this toilet brush is that it never changes its shape, it is not prone to wear and will maintain a perfect cleaning for a long time. While this toilet brush has all the great features that everyone might be looking for. However, its sturdiness is quite questionable. 


  • The toilet brush can stand on the ground or you can hung it on the wall
  • The toilet brush is not prone to wear
  • It is very easy to use
  • It can be used to clean the hard to reach areas and under the rims
  • The handle of the toilet always stay dry and has a splash guard


  • The toilet brush is not sturdy enough

3. White Addis Plastic Closed Toilet Brush Set

If you are looking for a toilet brush that can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes, then this white Addis Plastic Closed toilet brush set will be the ideal toilet brush for you. This toilet brush will deliver an ideal cleaning performance all the time and it is not prone to rust. What’s more, it is even ideal for hard water toilet cleaning. Moreover, the toilet comes in two different shades to choose from, the charcoal grey and the clean fresh white. The best thing about these toilets is that it is very easy to clean, thanks to the high gloss finish.


  • The toilet is very easy to assemble
  • It will give you value for your money
  • Very simple to use and wipe clean
  • It has a closed design hence very hygienic


  • The bristles start coming off after sometime

4. Skroad Clean Silicone Toilet Brushes and Quick Drying Holder Set

Skroad toilet brush set is also one of the newest versions of toilet brushes. This toilet brush has so many amazing features which will make it a good option for you. First and foremost, it has a breathable and stable base which is perfect for ventilation. What’s more, its handles can be rotated and installed hence cannot fall off while cleaning. 

Better still, this brush never changes its shape and does not easily wear out. Another amazing feature that you will fall in love with when it comes to toilet brush is its handle is non slip. This makes it easier to clean the toilet using this brush hence reduces the cleaning time, and it does not capture dust.


  • The toilet brush does not scratch the toilets surface
  • It is easy to clean after use, with just regular water
  • It has a 360 degrees study and soft silicone bristles to help in deep cleaning
  • The toilet brush has a simple and beautiful design that can blend with all types of bathrooms


  • It makes a squeaky sound when cleaning
  • It does not clean as good and you have to force it

5. Silicone Cleaning Toilet Brush and Quick Drying Holder

This toilet brush set will also ensure that you get more value for your money.  It has soft TPR bristles that can get to deep and dead angles with powerful cleaning power. The toilets brush holder can also stand on the bathroom floor directly or you can easily install it in a wall to save on space. 

The most unique feature of this toilet brush is that it has an extended handle that will help keep your hands clean while using it. It is also quite easy to use. However, the design of this toilet is not such a great one. What’s more, the detachable bottom has also been known to leak quite easily.


  • It has soft Silicon brush thus cleans perfectly without even pressing
  • It has extended handle to keep your hands clean
  • Its holder can stand perfectly on the ground or you can install it on the wall to save on space
  • The toilet brush has 360 degrees cleaning without a dead angle
  • Very easy to use


  • The design of the toilet brush is horrible
  • The detachable bottom tray is prone to leaking

6. Premier Housewares Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Holder Set

Premier Houseware Stainless steel toilet brush is also one of the best toilet brushes in the market today. It features a mirrored chrome finish and a durable toilet brush holder which is made from stainless steel. Moreover, the brush handle easily docks into the holder and it’s made using a reflective chrome finish. Lastly, the brush is very easy to clean, by just wiping it with a damp cloth. If you have been looking for one of the toilet brushes that will blend with your other bathroom decors then this is the one. However, the durability of this toilet brush keeps getting questionable as well as the ease with which it rusts.


  • The set will help keep your bathroom tidy and organized
  • It is very easy to clean
  • The toilet brush is made from a robust stainless steel
  • It is very stylish and with blend with other bathroom decors
  • It is very slim hence saves space


  • Not very durable and easily rusts

7. White/Blue Joseph Joseph Bathroom Flex Smart Toilet Brush with Holder

Last but not least, this Joseph Joseph bathroom Flex Smart Toilet Brush is a revolutionary toilet that features a D shaped head that can reach all the hard to reach areas including under the rims. For neat storage, the toilet brush has a slim line holder. The best thing about this toilet brush is that it is very easy to clean, by just using bleach to prevent prolonged contact with stainless steel shaft and soapy water. The durability of this toilet brush as well will make your quite happy. The only issue that you may be worried about with this product is that its bristles are not quite as sturdy as they ought to be.


  • It is very flexible and d shapes hence can reach all the hard to reach areas
  • It will make your bathroom neat since it has a slim line holder
  • The bristles are durable
  • The brush is an anti-drip hence drips less between storing and cleaning
  • The spaces between the bristles are wide hence dirt rinses off easily


  • Poor customer service
  • The bristles are not sturdy enough

Features to Consider When Choosing a Toilet Brush

There are several features you need to take into consideration in order to choose the best toilet brush. The most important ones include.

  • Toilet Brush Handle

One of the features you need to put into consideration while shopping for a toilet brush is its handle. Some brushes come with fixed heads while others have disposable ones. You should ensure that the toilet brush you buy has a handle that will work best for you and you can easily fix. Moreover, the handle should also be long enough to ensure that your hands always remain dry and clean during cleaning.

  • Bristles

Yet another feature that you should always keep in mind while choosing a toilet brush is its bristle. You should ensure you buy a toilet brush whose bristles are soft though powerful. Rough bristles might damage your toilet’s surfaces. Purchasing toilet brushes with very soft bristles on the other hand will not leave your toilet clean as you possibly would want to.

  • Extra Features

What’s more, you need to check the extra features of the toilet. Each toilet brush has its own unique features. For instance some toilets have anti slip handles or easy to maneuver handles while others have bristles that cannot get stained easily. Always ensure you check the description of the product before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How often should you change your toilet brush?

A: If your toilet brush is made using plastic, you are expected not to use it for more than six months after the date of purchase. However, if you want to use your toilet brush longer than six months then you should opt for a wooden one. Or you choose the wooden brush types, you need to make sure that you don’t use them for more than 8 months.

Q: Why does a toilet brush go orange?

A: You may be trying really hard to keep your toilet brush clean but it just keeps getting orange in color. You may be asking yourself why this takes place. Toilet brushes normally turn orange when they are not cleaned as regularly as they should. In fact what is responsible for the orange color has actually been discovered to the unsanitary bacteria. In order to avoid this orange color, clean your toilet brush as regularly as possible.

Q: What to put in toilet brush holder?

A: Your toilet brush normally has a holder that is used to store it when not in use. However, the toilet holders need to have some chemicals to help in keeping the brush clean and ready to be used when next needed. The toilet brush holder needs to have some disinfectant like rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria or germs that may want to contaminate the brush.


Most toilets either have a special gloss that keeps all the dirt off or have self-cleaning mechanisms and some have very powerful cleaning systems. However, regardless of the type of toilet you have, you still need to have one of these best toilet brush UK to ensure your toilet always remains sparkling clean. One of the products that we have reviewed above must be the best hygienic toilet brush that you have been looking for. We hope you will choose a toilet brush that you will love after reading this review.

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