The 7 Best Toilet Paper UK

There more to toilet papers than meets the eyes, it’s for this reason many people have been asking which is the best toilet paper UK? While we may not be able to vouch for all the products on the market, we can vouch for the seven under-listed toilet papers.

Top Products on the Market

The best toilet papers include the following:

Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue, 45 Rolls

This toilet tissue features five packs with nine toilet rolls in each pack at an average of 170 sheets for each toilet roll. It gives your skin the soft and delicate touch it deserves. It is made of high-quality materials and is a quality complaint as it’s recognized by the British skin foundation.

It strikes a balance between strength and softness, leaving you with a feeling of being clean; it is also fragrance-free. It is easy to use and economical too, it only requires you to use about three to four sheets per wipe, while using wipe from front to back after which you should wash your hands with soap and water. It is biodegradable and easy to flush down the toilet.


  • It is soft and comfortable
  • It is biodegradable


  • The rolls are thin and small

Andrex Gentle Clean Toilet Tissue, 72 Rolls

This toilet tissue has been dermatologically tested and is certified safe to care for you and your family including babies and children; it is a fragrance-free toilet tissue that is recognized by the British skin foundation. 

It is easy to use and comfortable as well, it strikes a balance between unique softness and strength. This leaves you and your loved ones feeling comfortable and clean. It is embossed with puppies; this gives it an appealing look. 

It features the naturally caring touch of vitamin E and aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin E, this helps to nurture even the most delicate skin. Each item contains six-packs with twelve rolls in each pack and an average of 170 sheets per roll.


  • It is suitable for delicate skin
  • It is flushable


  • It is not thick

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue, 45 Toilet Rolls

Andrex 45 toilet rolls give users a classic clean. Its sheets are embossed; this leaves you and your family not only feeling clean, but happy and confident too. This is a thicker, and well-designed toilet roll for better clean for its users.

It’s recommended you use about three to four sheets per wipe, this is enough to make you clean, while wiping, wipe from front to back until you feel clean. After use, wash your hands with soap and water and go about your day with a confident smile.

Each pack may differ in packaging with different information inscribed on it. Each pack comes with nine toilet rolls and a total of 45 rolls. It feels like cotton on the body, soft and lush. It also balances between strength and softness with a weight of 5.54kg.


  • It is thick and feels like cotton
  • It is easy to use


  • Its plastic packaging material is of poor quality

Andrex Classic Clean Toilet Tissue, 48 Toilet Rolls

This gives a classic clean and confident feeling to its users. It is thick, with embossed sheets for added beauty. This toilet roll is recognized by the British skin foundation. 

It’s as soft as cotton, striking a healthy balance between strength and softness. It is also fragrance-free; hence it will not irritate your skin. It features embossed puppy designs, this gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. Furthermore, each pack contains 16 Andrex toilet rolls and there are three rolls in each pack, giving a total of 48 rolls. It is sustainably sourced and FSC certified.


  • It is sustainably sourced
  • It is thick and comfortable


  • The product seems different from what is described

Presto 3-Ply Quilted Toilet Tissues

Presto toilet tissue is a lightweight toilet tissue; it is also highly absorbent, requiring only about three to four sheets per wipe. Also, it features a basis weight of 5.74kg and 45 unit counts. It comes in a pack of five with nine rolls featured in each unit. 

Also, it features 200 3-ply quilted sheets per roll. It is comfortable and soft but yet it’s strong, this makes it well balanced. It is made of 100% virgin cellulose and FSC mix certified. 


  • It strikes a balance between soft and strong
  • It is made of high-quality materials


  • It’s too thick

The Cheeky Panda Ultra Sustainable Hypoallergenic 100% Bamboo Toilet Roll

This toilet roll is free from B.P.A, formaldehyde, chlorine, and fragrance; it also has no de-inking agents, and this makes it suitable for all skin types. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal features while also being hypoallergenic, hence it won’t irritate your skin.

Besides, the toilet paper is made from 100% bamboo and is certified by FSC to be 100% genuine, sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable. Hence, it is an eco-friendly product and will easily flush down the toilet without getting stuck or causing a blockage.

It is strong yet soft with 3 ply, 180 sheets, weighing 120 gram per roll. It is very sustainable and each pack sold goes to the protection of plants and animals endangered in rain forests.


  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is hypoallergenic


  • Barely degrades in water thereby clogging toilets

Andrex Supreme Quilts Toilet Tissue, 54 Rolls

We round up with the Andrex 54 rolls toilet tissue paper. It features four plush cushiony layers, this gives users a luxurious clean. It is soft to touch as it feels just like cotton. Even in its softness, it’s hard too, this gives you superb clean feeling and confidence.

It is free from fragrance; hence it will not irritate your skin. It is designed with soft embossed puppies; it has the natural caring touch of Aloe Vera and vitamin E as well as Shea butter that nurtures your delicate skin and leaves it feeling silky and smooth.

Furthermore, it comes in six-packs with nine rolls each making it a total of 54 rolls. It features 160 sheets per roll and each has 4-ply.


  • It has four plush layers for deep, quilted softness
  • It is suitably sourced and FSC certified


  • Its quality should be improved upon

Buying Guide

To ensure you get the right product, consider the following factors:

Skin Sensitivity

While some people have very sensitive skin and may be irritated by a rough toilet paper or one produced with certain materials, some other people are just fine with anything. For those with sensitive skin, consider toilet papers with hypoallergenic properties.

Package Size

The bigger the rolls of toilet tissues in a pack, the less often you will have to be dashing out to get a new one. Hence, while buying toilet tissue, consider the number of sheets in a roll and the number of rolls in a pack.


If you are concerned about your toilet’s plumbing then it most likely has to do with the type of tissue you’ve been using. Although thicker toilet papers are more comfortable, they often cause a blockage. Hence, go for a toilet tissue that can easily dissolve as it’s easier to flush.


Don’t just settle for any toilet paper, while they may seem the same, there is nothing like each other. The best toilet paper UK is on a class of its own, offering quality, comfort and luxury with every use.

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