The 10 Best Toilet Seat UK

You need an excellent toilet seat for your toilet bowl to ensure comfort and convenience in your bathroom. However, what is the best toilet seat to buy UK? This article will help you answer this question. 

Top Products on the Market

After several hours of research, we identified the top products on the market and they include:

MASS DYNAMIC Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat – Dual Fixing System 

This toilet seat – first on our list – is a perfect addition to your bathroom. It features top, dual fixing system. This functional toilet seat will lighten up your bathroom and complement the décor.

This 46cm x 37cm toilet seat is crafted with a white plastic made from powerful Urea-Formaldehyde material. This scratch-resistant seat won’t change its colour with time. With a weight of 2.2kg, it can be quickly and easily removed when there’s the need to clean the toilet. 


  • It has soft-closing hinges
  • It is quick and easy to remove
  • It has an ergonomic design


  • Poor for top fixing

Croydex Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat with Soft Close Hinges Made From Resilient Polypropylene

This toilet seat is another great fit for your toilet with its Unique Hygiene Clean antibacterial treatment. This will help to curtail the accumulation of bacteria and germs on the seat, ensuring it’s more hygienic and sterile compared to other seats. It is safe for human beings, pets and also the environment. 

This 1.5kg toilet seat features a soft close hinge in place to stop its lid from slamming noisily. The white plastic is made from polypropylene which ensures durability. 


  • It has an antibacterial surface
  • It is durable
  • Easy assembly


  • Poorly designed fixing kit

Bemis 7210ZART000 Chester Toilet Seat

This toilet seat is made from strong, recyclable and durable Tecno-plast material which is virtually unbreakable. It comes with a fixing system that will stay tight and not loosen. The simple installation will ensure the seat stays tight in place. 

It features plastic hinges that can be adjusted to fit several toilet pans. With a 133mm spanner, you can tighten and also snap the lower portion of the nuts. The one-piece nut ensures stronger clamping force and also resists corrosion. 


  • Colour won’t fade
  • Stays tight to toilet pan
  • Nut won’t corrode


  • Plastic is not reliable

ATD WC Toilet Seat with Slow Soft Close, Bottom Fixing Adjustable Hinges, Anti-Bacterial

This is another impressive toilet seat for a convenient and comfortable use. It comes with a soft close system which minimises disruption and noise when you slam it. The plastic is made from Polypropylene material which is rugged, durable and resistant to a lot of solvents. 

This toilet seat features adjustable, rustproof bottom fixing hinges that will allow you optimise the seat’s fitting on the pan by having the flexibility of moving the seat to any direction.


  • Its hinges don’t rust
  • It has an antibacterial surface
  • It comes with 2 years warranty


  • Poor build quality

MASS DYNAMIC Soft Slow Close Toilet Seat with Easy Quick Release Top Fix Adjustable Hinges

This toilet seat is a very attractive product that will add elegance to your toilet pan. The hinges are designed in a simple way that makes the seat easy to remove from the pan for cleaning. They also ensure a soft closing that won’t cause noise.

The installation instructions are written in simple language that can be easily understood for a hassle-free assembly. It will cost you about 10 minutes to install. The adjustable top hinge will ensure the ideal fit for your toilet pan. The durable plastic is crafted from solid white Polypropylene material. 


  • Slamming lid won’t make noise
  • Easy installation
  • Durable


  • It tends to slide side to side

Pipishell Soft Close Toilet Seat with Quick Release, Heavy Duty Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seats 

This toilet seat is another product crafted from an antibacterial material to prevent germs and bacteria from breeding on it. This is the Urea-Formaldehyde material that is resistant to fading, peeling, chipping and staining.

Its lid features four integrated non-slip buffers to ensure the seat is held tight in place and doesn’t move or shift. This 2.65kg toilet seat comes with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to sit on. It has a quick release button which make makes it easy to remove for thorough and effective cleaning. 


  • Lid is sturdy
  • It has antibacterial surface
  • It features ergonomic design


  • Fitting doesn’t work for some

AAN® Toilet Seat Cover Plastic Material Durable Toilet Seat 

This toilet seat features an oval shape and sleek design for an elegant bathroom. This 46cm x 37cm seat fits all oval toilet pans. It has a soft close system in place which will ensure there’s no loud slamming of the lid.

This 1.5kg seat is built with high quality Polypropylene material which is stronger than most plastics. It also has better resistance to scratch. The quick release option will allow you to remove the seat easily by the click of a button. This will give you room to clean your toilet bowl thoroughly. The installation won’t take much of your time.


  • It is easy to install
  • It is made of durable plastic
  • Its lid won’t make noise


  • Hinges are not reliable

Realpack Bathroom White Soft Close Oval Toilet Seat

This is another toilet seat with oval shape. It is engineered from a Polypropylene material which is rugged and resistant to a lot of solvents. It comes with a soft close feature which ensures the lid doesn’t make noise. 

This toilet seat features plastic fitting hinges that are adjustable and won’t corrode. This seat is easy to clean and also hygienic. It features an ergonomic design to provide maximum comfort. This 1kg seat is lightweight and easy to lift. It is ideal for toddlers UK.


  • It features a rugged plastic
  • Its hinges don’t corrode
  • It is lightweight


  • Fittings don’t come compete

WOLTU Heavy Duty Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat with Dual Fixing Fittings

This toilet seat a heavy-duty product made of high-quality Fix-Clip stainless steel and Kunststoff material which promises durable service and high stability. It also comes with the soft close feature which ensures lid closes slowly and quietly.

The toilet seat features two quick-release buttons that allow you to remove it after you push them. It also features a dual fixing system which gives you the choice to either fix from the underneath or top pan. It is ideal for heavy person UK.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Its lid is sturdy
  • It has an antibacterial surface


  • Plastic quality is poor

Cosondo Toilet Seat O Shape Duroplast White with Soft Close Mechanism Removable Lid Dual Fixing System 

This toilet seat – last on our list – comes a universal O-shape design that is suitable for standard toilet pans. It comes with an soft close feature which prevents loud slamming of the lid and let it slide slowly back onto the toilet seat.

This toilet seat features a quick-release button that ensures easy removal of the lid by just pressing it. This makes cleaning a quite easy task. It comes with an two assembly kits that will allow you to mouth it from above or from below.


  • It has soft-close function
  • Its lid can be removed easily
  • It fits all standard toilet pans


  • Inadequate fixing bolts

Features To Consider

Before buying a toilet seat, there are several features to consider in making the perfect choice. Here, discuss the most important ones to guide you in making the right choice. 


There are two popular materials used for toilet seats; plastic and wood. You want a durable toilet seat that can last for a long time and also hold maximum weight. Plastic is cheaper, easy to clean and durable. Wood seats, on the other hand, are more expensive than plastic seats. They are solid and crafted to last for a long time. Your preference and the right quality should be considered before making this choice. 


It is extremely important to note the shape of your toilet bowl before buying a toilet seat. There are Round and Elongated toilet bowls and seats. You should buy a seat that suits your toilet bowl. 


Hinges are integral parts of a toilet seat. They are responsible for the opening and closing of the lid. There are plastic and metal hinges with varying quality. You should get a toilet seat with quality hinges that won’t snap easily. They should also have the soft closing feature so your lid doesn’t make noise from slamming. 


You want to make sure you can ease yourself in a very comfortable and convenient environment. A toilet seat of good quality is important in making this happen. You must look out for the most important features to help you acquire the best toilet seat UK. Before picking your choice, you should ensure the hinges have the soft closing feature to avoid disturbance from slamming. 

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