Cleaning an Indoor Shower and Bath Tile Using a Pressure Washer


It is possible that your bathtub or shower tile will get notoriously dirty after some time. The dirt in a bath makes a person uncomfortable to even take a shower in it. Sometimes it is not just being dirty, but it has gotten to a point it is slimy and moldy. This happens when the soap scum accumulates on tile after a long time. 

If you have such kind of cleaning problem, then it is time to bring out the big guns. You might want to consider getting a pressure washer to clean the tile. The water comes out of the pressure washer at a pressure high enough to dislodge the dirt from the tile. This leaves you with a clean bath and shower. 


Cleaning your bath or shower tile with a pressure washer can be quick and effective. That being said, it should not be a total replacement of the traditional hand-scrubbing method. The hand scrubbing method has to be maintained as the best method for weekly cleaning of the tile. Power washing is supposed to be an infrequent activity. So, depending on the health of the tile grout, power washing needs to be limited to maintain it in good condition. 

Also, setting up the power washer for bath tile cleaning and later on taking it down can be burdensome to some users. 

For those with moisture intolerant flooring, you would also want to keep the use of a power washer to a minimum. Always be cautious with re-glazed tiles as they might start to chip away with frequent power washing of the tile. 

Preparation for washing your tile 

For the process to be fruitful, you still have to prepare for it. It is common to end up with a bit of overspray as part of the process. As much as it cannot be avoided, make sure to keep it at a minimum. As a way of limiting the overspray, it is recommended that you use plastic sheeting. The plastic sheeting helps to keep the space drier even with power washing. 

The plastic sheeting is supposed to be tucked at the bottom of the tub. This helps to get the water draining back into the tub. It will be great to have several bath towels available to mop up the excess water that gets past the plastic sheeting. 

Tools Required 


  • Set up the pressure washer 

To start off the process, set up the power washer outdoors, but as close to the bathroom as possible. You will have to feed the hose through the bathroom window for cleaning. Proceed to connect the hose to the washer and then attach the nozzle in the bathroom. Once that is done, connect the washer to a GFCI outlet. 

It is important that you never run a gas-powered pressure washer in the house. This is because the gas engine emits deadly carbon monoxide gas that can be dangerous. 

  • Adjust the pressure and spray 

Next is to adjust the fan tip of the pressure washer. You are not to use the pinpoint tip as it will likely damage the grout. You are then to set the pressure to its low setting before using. If it is too low, adjust it slightly to get more pressure, but not too much. Always use enough pressure to clean the tile and nothing too much. 

  • Get to work 

When cleaning the tile, you are supposed to spray in horizontal runs. Move in steps where you finish about 6 inches of a run and then move to another. Always start at the top so that you keep the debris moving downwards and away from the cleaned areas. Keep the spray and 45 degrees so as to minimize the overspray. This helps to drain as much water as possible back into the tub and then down the drain. 

  • Stay away from caulk joints

When cleaning with a pressure washer, try to avoid the caulk joints. This is where the tile meets the shower floor or tub. This part is always filled with caulk rather than having grout. Using a lot of pressure on these joints will chip away a few inches of the caulk. 

  • Clean up any debris or excess water 

Once you are done cleaning, proceed to turn off the washer and then take the hose from the bathroom through the window. With your sponge and rags, clean up any remaining debris in the tub. The rags can also come in handy to dry the bathroom floor to keep it nice and dry. 

Just like that, you have managed to clean your bath tile by using a pressure washer. It is important that you do not use a lot of pressure. This way you never have to worry about damaging the tub tile and surrounding areas. 

The Best Whirlpool Tubs Consumer Report

Whirlpool Tubs

Do you want to have a spa like experience in your home? If your answer is yes then a whirlpool tub will be a great investment for you. They are not only a therapeutic means of treating aches and for back pains, but they also upgrade your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. Whirlpool tubs have powerful massaging jets and can function as a spa.

They also function in the same manner as Jacuzzis and hot tubs. The only difference is that they come in smaller sizes. Buying a whirlpool can be so challenging because you have to pick one from many different products available in the market and the several factors for you to consider. Whirlpools come in different brands and different manufacturers. 

That is why this review provides you with the best whirlpool tubs in the market today according to consumer reports that will make you get relaxed and comfortable massage while using them. We have also simplified your work further by citing advantages and disadvantages of each product. Besides, we have highlighted the most important factors that you need to consider before buying a whirlpool tub so you can make an informed decision.

Best Whirlpool Tubs – A Detailed Look at Our Recommendations

1. ARIEL Whirlpool Platinum Bathtub

One of the best whirlpool tubs in the market today is the Ariel platinum bathtub. It will bring a warm sensation to your whole body while also making your bathroom have an elegant look. This product is made of durable acrylic and fiber glass making the tub brilliant and durable. It has a customized water action with 6 water flow settings. Besides, the HP provides enough power for the jet system. What’s more, the chrome faucet and drain fixtures are installed and included.


  • Has Customizable water action
  • Very durable and brilliant
  • Comes with chrome faucet and drain fixtures
  • Has an elegant look


  • Can easily trip the circuit breaker
  • The spare parts are very difficult to find

2. WOODBRIDGE Water Whirlpool Freestanding Bathtub

The second whirlpool tub that is worth your hard-earned income is the Woodbridge whirlpool bathtub. It will bring you a whole new meaning of relaxation, comfort and luxury.  It is highly durable and has a double shine walled design because of the acrylic top coat. For maximum insulation, this product is made of two layers of acrylic hence can keep water at its desired temperature. 

Besides, the deep tub with a gentle slope will give you a more comfortable and leisurely soak. What’s more, it has air bubble jets and adjustable massage jets. This whirlpool is big enough for everyone in the family and has 5 years limited warranty on the bathtub surface and structure. It also has a one year warranty on air blower and plumbing parts and comes with approved pump.


  • Has adjustable massage pumps
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • Comes with approved pump
  • Has gentle air massage
  • Very easy to install
  • Durable and has anti leak design.


  • The drain is in the middle of the tub because of the push up pop drain

3. American Deep Soak Standard Whirlpool Tub 

You can also have a comfortable and relaxing bath with the American standard deep soak whirlpool tub. This whirlpool tub has ten adjustable jets and the eye clean antimicrobial additive that helps in protecting the pipe against mildew, mold and rust. It is made of acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement making it very strong and durable. Besides, it has an option of under mount and bottom is not pre leveled.


  • Very strong and durable
  • Acrylic reinforced by fiberglass
  • Pre leveled tub bottom
  • It has an under mount option
  • Has eye clean antimicrobial additive


  • Does not meet the American standards 
  • Does not have a warranty

4. Kohler Whirlpool Corner tub

The second last whirlpool that you can also consider buying is this Kohler Corner Whirlpool tub. It has 6 adjustable jets and its design will help you save on space while enabling you to have a luxurious comfort bath and hydro massage. It is also very durable and can last quite longer because of the quality acrylic construction. 

The corner layout minimizes footprint and this whirlpool bathtub can comfortably fit two people while still leaving ample space to stretch out. Besides, this product is very easy to install.


  • Has 6 adjustable whirlpool jets for maximum bather comfort
  • Space saving design
  • Corner layout that minimizes footprint
  • Can comfortably fit two people
  • Very easy to install
  • Durable since it is made of quality acrylic


  • Quite expensive.

5. ARIEL Whirlpool Bathtub.

Last but not least, you can also spend your hard-earned income on this Ariel whirlpool bathtub. It has a beautiful look and besides, it will make you have a great feel of luxury and comfort while having a massage. It has nine different massage jets and has a capacity of about 98 gallons which is big enough for two or more people. Besides, this product has a handheld shower combo and also operates with a built-in microcomputer control panel. 


  • Has 9 different whirlpool message jets
  • Easy to install and spacious
  • Its shower head is handheld
  • Built in micro computer 
  • Has a beautiful contemporary look 
  • Very durable


  • It is shallow and short can only fit people below four feet.
  • Does not come with a warranty

Factors to consider when buying a whirlpool Tub

Want to buy a whirlpool tub? Here are the most important factors that you should look at.

Size of the whirlpool tub

The first and the most important factor you need to consider is the size of the whirlpool tub. Whirlpool tubs come in many different sizes. Ensure you buy one that will fit your bathroom space. A standard tub ranges from 30 inches by 60 inches while a luxurious whirlpool tub ranges from 80 by 60 inches. 

It is prudent that you first measure your bathroom space even before you begin your search. Corner units are preferred when your bathroom space is small, while if you have a large space then you can install the drop-in whirlpool tub

Design and Style

The whirlpool tub you buy will definitely determine the overall outlook of your bathroom. You should first know what look you want your room to have, then you choose the bathtub that will easily blend with your other decors and furnishes. Design and style are personal choices hence there will never be a right or wrong choice. 

Material of Construction

Another important factor that you need to consider is the material of the whirlpool. Most whirlpool tubs that are trending in the market today are made of fiberglass, cast iron and acrylic. The most economic material choice is the fiberglass. However, the cast iron and acrylic are not only durable but are also very easy to clean and maintain. You should check on your budget to decide which will suit your needs according to your budget.

Type of Whirlpool Tube

There are two types of whirlpool tubs. These are the air jet and the water jet.  Although both of them will give you a relaxing experience, you may prefer one to the other depending on what you are looking for. 

The difference between the two is that while water jet tubs contain larger jets though few in number that are arranged in strategic configuration so as to target various muscles, air jets create a bubble massage by sending warm air through the tiny jets. Make sure you first determine what kind of whirlpool tub before you make your choice.


Last but not least, you should ensure you check the warnings of the whirlpool tubs. For instance, for your whirlpool tub to work properly then you will need the correct size of the heater of at least two thirds of the overall capacity of your tub. 

Other warnings may also include; for easy access to the qualified mechanics, the tubs always come with a pump and a motor that is useful in case your tub needs repair. The whirlpool tubs have access panels known as apron that should be left open freely especially when you want to install the tub against the wall. 

Also ensure you check on safety features such as grab bars and non-slip floor before you buy the whirlpool tube.


If you are still wondering what is the best whirlpool tub in the market today then you need to go through this review. All these products listed in this review are the best brands in the market today. You also need to go through the selection criteria to know exactly what will be perfect for you. We have locked up some of the best brands and designs that will give you the best experience ever.

The best bathtubs are directly related to your budget. All these 5 whirlpool bathtubs in this review will be a perfect addition to your room. They are all luxurious and comfortable. It all depends on your budget, style, design, size and the material it is made of and what will best suit your needs

The Best Soaking Bathtubs

Soaking Bathtubs

Many people today opt for soaking bathtubs over the whirlpool bathtubs, and this is because of how simple and versatile they are. All you need is a good brand and enough water to have a comfortable and memorable soak or bath. 

The good thing with soaking bathtubs is that you can still use them for bathing, unlike the rest which can’t allow you to soak up effectively. We have looked around for some of the best soaking bathtubs we have on the market today and have come up with these reviews for the 13 best soaking bathtubs you’ll find in 2020.

The Best Soaking Bathtubs

1. Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding 59″ Soaking Tub

Woodbridge is well known for its ranges of quality bathroom products way from 2005. The comfort this bathtub provides is perfect for relaxation. It’s designed with a double wall to achieve maximum insulation and also to help keep you warm. It also keeps the water in the right temperatures, so with this bathtub, your water will not go cold while you’re soaking.

It features an ergonomic design that conforms to the shape of the body. This will have you getting the best comfort and relaxation even for extended hours. Its construction reveals a high quality acrylic, with a fiberglass reinforcement. This makes it one of the strong and durable bathtubs that are available in the markets today. 

It’s easy to install, having a flexible and quality tube drain which is compatible with any pre-existing plumbing. This bathtub is designed with adjustable legs. This enables you to level it in a way that feels comfortable for you, and this often helps when it’s a bathtub shared amongst a number of people, with different needs. 

It’s also one of the tubs that require minimal maintenance. To save you from such troubles, Woodbridge has invested in a high-gloss, hygienic and long-lasting finish, making it resistant to scratch and stains from any form of chemicals. It also helps keep it clean and easy-to-clean all at the same time. 


  • It has quality construction 
  • It features an elegant design
  • It has pre-installed overflow and drain
  • It’s easy to clean
  • The bathtub is scratch and stain resistant 
  • It provides perfect heat retention
  • It has adjustable legs for ease of levelling 


  • It’s relatively smaller than the standard size

2. WOODBRIDGE Acrylic Freestanding 67″  Soaking Tub

This particular bathtub is actually a slightly bigger version of the first item. It’s free-standing, so you can basically use it from any corner of the bathroom. 

The difference you’ll find between the two is that the latter provides more room, both in length and depth. This makes it a perfect choice for tall users who might get uncomfortable with the smaller version, when soaking for extended hours.

It comes with quality pipe and bathtub drain. Apart from durability, the pipe and drain are designed with features which can only be found with Woodbridge bathtubs. These are: anti-odour, anti-leakage and bug cover designs.            


  • It fits in a number of spaces
  • It features a luxurious, comfortable and chic style
  • It has sloping lines that conform to the curves of the body
  • It comes with an anti-odour pipe system
  • It comes with an assembled drain and overflow


  • It doesn’t come with a faucet

3. Empava Luxury Freestanding 67″  Bathtub Soaking

This is a luxurious bathtub carefully constructed by Empava, a brand known for durability and innovation. The company has incorporated the best features in this soaking tub for effectiveness in performance. It has an ergonomic design which allows full-body immersion for comfortable soaking, sessions which you’ll be looking forward to every single day. 

It features a modern glossy acrylic design. This helps it blend perfectly with any bathroom décor. Its curves always has heads turning and it’s always the first thing that will strike your eyes in a bathroom. This design also makes it sizeable enough to fit in a small bathroom, without compromising on the soaking area.


  • It has a versatile design that fits any décor
  • It features an ergonomic design making it comfortable 
  • It comes in a stylish modern design
  • It includes adjustable feet to level the tub
  • The package includes an overflow and push drain


4. American 2460.002.011 Standard Soaking Cambridge Bathtub

When listing the best bathroom accessories, you can never miss an American Standard product. They have a good reputation in this industry because of how durable their brands are. 

This Cambridge soaking tub is made with a full slip-resistant surface. This not only keeps you safe from any accidents, but also helps keep the bathtub clean, with minimal cleaning sessions required. 

In addition to the anti-slip surface, it also features a traditional design with a bevelled headrest and lumbar support. This shows how much the company has invested in guaranteeing you comfort as a trusted user. So with these features, there will be no more falling, back pains or even discomfort around the neck when having the time of your life in the bathtub.

Its drain is located on the right hand side, therefore ensure that it matches your pre-existing plumbing system. This makes the installation simpler, with minimal adjustments needed. 

Unlike the usual cast iron, here you’ll find Americast which is a better option. The material brings in more durability and also easy to install because of how light it is. It’s a great deal because it’s priced like a standard bathtub, but offers more space in length and depth. 


  • It’s easy to install
  • It has a slip-resistant surface
  • It’s easy to clean and stays clean longer
  • It offers a solid and durable construction


  • It’s smaller compared to the rest

5. FerdY  Freestanding White Modern 67” Stand Alone Bathtub

Ferdy products often reveal the commitment they have on excellence, and that’s why this bathtub is certified by Canadian standards. The tab is made with a durable material. It features environment friendly non-cracking, non-toxic, high gloss and durable finish which is definitely easy to clean. 

This also makes the bathtub resistant to a wide range of chemicals that may cause staining. Basically, this’s a tub that you’ll use for quite some time and it will still retain its original look. Still on the design, it’s deep and wide enough to hold up to 86 gallons of water and is constructed with a double wall design boosting how efficiently it keeps your water in the right temperatures.

It’s easy to install. With the item comes a well-illustrated guide with clearly marked instructions, making the process simpler. You can equally do the installations by yourself, without having to seek for a professional help, thereby saving you some dime. 

It features an adjustable feet that you can use to stabilize it on any type of terrain. Levelling up the bathtub will also leave you more comfortable, because you can adjust it to a position that feels right for you. 


  • It has flexible levelling feet
  • It’s easy to install
  • It features double-wall construction for maximum insulation
  • It guarantees durability
  • It features a stylish curved design
  • Comes with a step-by-step instructions for installation


  • It’s smaller than the rest

6. American 2461.002.011 Cambridge Standard Soaking Bathtub

This is yet another soaking bathtub from America Standard and it comes in the standard 60 inches × 32 inches for alcove bathtubs. It’s a classic integral-apron bathtub featuring a bevelled headrest, an anti-slip resistant surface and a lumbar support. All of the three features are geared towards ensuring that the consumer stays comfortable all through.

As the norm with American Standard Bathtubs, it’s exclusively made with an Americast-Engineered steel. This gives it a thicker body offering superior performance, resulting from the three-layered construction. 

This steel also makes the bathtub lightweight, durable and easy-to-install. It’s an alcove bathtub so you have to ensure that you have walls or concrete that you’ll need when installing the tub


  • It minimizes on space
  • It’s slip resistant
  • It has a backrest and lumbar support for maximum comfort
  • It features an anti-slip bathtub surface
  • It’s easy to install


  • It’s not free-standing

7. KINGSTON BRASS 60-Inch VTDE603122R Alcove Contemporary Acrylic Bathtub

This selection from Aqua Eden is a good option if you’re looking for a drop-in bathtub. The collection has tubs with drains on either the right or left hand side, so there’s something for everyone.  

It looks like everyone is moving away from the traditional cast iron and Kingston is not left behind. The tub is made with solid acrylic then reinforced with fiberglass for a durable, lightweight and glossy bathtub.

It comes with an apron which is already attached to the body of the bathtub. This makes the installation process simpler. All you need is three walls for installation and you’ll be good to go.

It features a modern design that helps you unwind after those long exhausting days. It has a wide soaking area that can contain about 55.5 gallons and it’s also long enough for stretching the legs


  • It features an apron that makes it easier to install
  • It has a stronger construction
  • It’s effective in retaining warmth for longer duration
  • It’s lightweight but durable


  • It requires an alcove for installation

8. erdY Freestanding Acrylic Soaking Bathtub

This is a freestanding bathtub ergonomically engineered to enable you have a full body immersion. In the end, it’s not just soaking you get, but a calm and relaxed bathroom session.

I would say this Ferdy bathtub has been the real deal for me because of the length. You get to enjoy 68 inches in length, so that means there will be no more coiling up, because with some bathtubs, you can’t really immerse your whole body into the tab. 

With Ferdy, they mean business when they present to you a white acrylic bathtub. Unlike other brands which starts discolouring after a given period of time, this particular one stays white for up to 10 years because of the excellent materials that are used for its construction. This, material is also to clean, and reveals a glossy finish which complements any décor.


  • Easy to install
  • It stays white longer than the rest
  • It’s stylish and sleek
  • The package includes a drain and overflow assembly
  • It features an adjustable feet to level the bathtub


  • It doesn’t provide alternative mounting options

9. American Evolution Standard 2422V002.020  Bathtub

If you have never tried an American Standard product, you should consider investing in this evolution bathtub that comes in the standard size of 60 inches × 32 inches 

This is one of the few versatile bathtubs that can be installed as drop-ins or by undermount. This leaves you with the liberty to choose that option which is convenient for your needs. 

In the bathtub are two moulded-in armrests. When soaking, you need a place where your arms can rest comfortably, without being compelled to hang them on the edge of the bathtub. This isn’t only comfortable, but also lets you do other things; like operating your cell phone; with a lot of ease.


  • It features two moulded-in armrests for extra support
  • It’s versatile when it comes to installation
  • It has an adjustable drain-outlet
  • It features a pre-levelled bathtub bottom for ease of installation


  • It’s not freestanding 

10. Maykke Oval Freestanding Barnet 61  Soaking Tub

Coming from a company dedicated to providing the best standards and value, this bathtub is built with durable and pure acrylic. This plays a key role in bringing you value for money and also maintains the water temperatures in the tub. In addition to that, the premium cosntruction also brings out a bathtub with smooth, sleek and clean finish that lets you achieve a calm and relaxing feeling when you’re soaking.

It has a modern elegant design that lets it fit in any space, whether classic or contemporary. With this, you’ll be able to soak in a different way giving you a spa experience from the comfort of your home. 

In the package, you’ll find everything you need, so you won’t have to spend further on items required for installation. The bathtub comes with overflow assembly and brass drain, all of which speeds up the rate of water discharge, thereby achieving a self-cleaning upshot on the tub. This helps you save time, with minimal cleaning required.


  • It has adjustable feet for levelling
  • It has an overflow assembly for a self-cleaning effect
  • Requires simple installation
  • It features a flexible drainage kit


11. Woodbridge Acrylic Freestanding 67″ Soaking Tub

This Woodbridge is 67’’ long, so that already is a bonus for me. On to the construction, it’s made with Lucite acrylic, then reinforced with Ashland resin together with fiberglass. This is what highlights how different it is from the Woodbridge contemporary bathtub that we previously reviewed. 

These are quality materials which aren’t easy to come across. It also implies that you’ll have to pay a couple of extra dollars to have this gem. The design reveals a combination of comfort, luxury and style. It may seem bigger than the rest, but can still fit even on the minimal spaces. On the interior lies gently-sloping lines which are made to match the body curves, giving its users the ultimate comfort.


  • It’s equally perfect for small bathrooms
  • It features sloping lines that match the body curves to enhance comfort
  • The surface is stain and scratch-resistant
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s durable and retains the high gloss for long


  • It’s costly 

12. WoodbridgeAcrylic Freestanding  54″ Bathtub Soaking Tub

This item is similar to the Woodbridge 67″, with the only difference being in length. With the bathtub, you’ll also find a freestanding bathtub faucet. It’s also made of high end acrylic, making it durable and with a gloss that never fades or discolours easily. 

It’s designed in a way that provides its users with a maximized bathing area and a fairly deep tub for soaking. It’s also easy-to-install, all thanks to the pre-levelled bottom. This soaking bathtub is quite ideal for two people as it has such a huge space.

To keep you safe form unnecessary accidents, the manufacturer has incorporated anti-slip textures on the bathtub surface. On the wall is a double layer reinforced design that helps maintain your water in the correct temperatures by acting as an insulator.

Everything that comes with this bathtub is top quality, including the drain and pipe. The drain has an anti-leakage design, and added on to it is a strong and durable pipe system that keeps any odours away and also easy to install.


  • It features an anti-slip surface
  • It’s made with stain and scratch-resistant construction
  • It provides enough space for deep-soaking
  • It comes with a freestanding faucet 


  • The length doesn’t fit tall people 

13. Mirabelle Sitka 60″ by 30″ MIRSKS6030LWH Acyclic Bathtub

This is for the lovers of traditional-themed soaking bathtubs. Just like their freestanding counterparts, alcove bathtubs can equally be used for soaking and there’s no better way to prove that than trying this elegant Mirabelle acrylic soaking bathtub

The tub design incorporates a tile flange and a tub skirt. This prevents water from spilling over the moment you settle your body in the tub, because it can carry up to 62 gallons.

It has a left hand side drain placement with a round overflow. For installation, you’ll need a three wall alcove, so you can’t just install it anywhere the way we do to freestanding soaking bathtubs


  • It features a slip-resistant surface
  • It has an incorporated tile flange to prevent water overflow
  • It’s made with durable acrylic
  • It’s easy to install and saves on space


  • The package doesn’t include a drain assembly

What to consider when buying soaking bathtubs

Bathtub size

One of the distinct features used to identify soaking bathtubs is how bigger their size is. However, when it comes to sizes, how large or wide a bathtub is relative. This is because it depends on your body size at large, and so as you look for recommendations, also consider your body size. 

For your whole body to be immersed in water as required, you need a bathtub which is long, deep and wide enough. Having a bigger bathtub can however be of a disadvantage to those with limited space in the bathroom.

Bathroom space.

In terms of installation, we have alcove, drop-ins, walk-ins and free-standing soaking bathtubs. Alcove bathtubs are always the best option when you have limited space available in your bathroom. 

On the other hand, free-standing bathtubs are also efficient because they can be installed from any corner of the bathroom, because they don’t require any pre-existing walls for mounting. All they need is adjustable legs to help level them up in any terrain. 

All-in-all, it still revolves around the size of the bathtub, so if you have a small bathroom, pick a relatively smaller soaking bathtub.

Material of Construction

Most manufacturers today use acrylic to make their bathtubs and not the traditional cast iron. This is what gives these tubs the modern glossy finish that blends easily with everything else in the bathroom.

With soaking bathtubs, you need a material that’s easy to clean and stays clean longer, a material that’s resistant to stains and scratches and that which is durable. Now this is where the acrylic bathtubs comes in. They leave you with a bathtub that will journey with you for longest period of time and still look as new as it originally were. 


We often take longer in the bathroom when soaking compared to when taking regular baths. The longer you’ll spend in the bathtub requires that you have a comfortable bathtub in place to avoid any discomfort. 

The main parts of the body that are prone to such include the back and the neck. Therefore, go for designs that conform to the alignment of the body and if possible have armrests and a backrest. 


So, what are the best soaking tubs on the market today as we speak? We hope that this article has helped you answer that question. Now that you know what to look for in a soaking bathtub and are also equipped with some of the best soaking bathtubs that are available, I hope that you land yourself a bathtub which will be an investment of a lifetime.

The Best Shower Pan

Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom or build an entirely new one? If you are then you’re going to want to look at what is the best shower pan to use, right? You want to make sure that your bathroom is going to look great and function great, and that requires a little bit of research into just what goes into the ideal shower base. 

The Best Shower Pan Reviews

1. DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold 32” x 32” 

Available in white, black and biscuit, this stall shower pan offers a center drain location and a simple installation directly into the studs. Not only that but it comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty to help you feel more comfortable with its durability. This 32” x 32” shower pan for tile walls also features a unique bevel edge for a unique look. 


  • Standard size drain opening is designed to fit standard compression fit drains
  • Slip-resistant floor is designed to keep users safer while showering
  • Acrylic build is meant to keep surface from scratching or staining
  • Shiny surface provides a sleek look for your bathroom
  • Surface is designed for easy cleaning as needed to keep your bathroom looking great
  • Low threshold design is meant to increase versatility for those with mobility issues


  • The flat surface means that water can sometimes sit in the base without draining
  • Requires a mortar bed underneath to increase durability and strength

2. DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold 32” x 48” 

This 32” x 48” shower base for tile walls gives you a design that’s a little longer to offer a more comfortable showering experience. The center drain is designed to make it easier to connect into your existing drain line and the bevel around the exterior adds a little flair while also assisting with the draining process. Available in three colors, biscuit, white and black, this shower also comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.


  • Low profile design for the threshold is designed to aid those with mobility difficulties
  • Width centered drain opening should allow for easy connection to existing drains
  • High-gloss acrylic provides a sleek finish for your bathroom
  • Non-slip surface is intended to aid in showering without slipping
  • Packaged ideally for safe transport and quality delivery
  • Installation should be an easy process for skilled professional


  • Can be difficult to clean dirt and debris off non-slip surface
  • ‘Centering’ of drain opening is not necessarily center as defined by US standards 

3. Swanstone Veritek Center Drain

The Swanstone Veritek shower base is available in three different colors, including white, bisque and bone to match your personal preference. Not only that but it comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you can be comfortable knowing that it’s built to last. The material is also considered a moderate quality level that doesn’t cost as much as higher end materials.


  • Shower is made of veritek without a surface coating which means it shouldn’t crack under use
  • Floor has a pebbled surface for non-slip protection that shouldn’t hurt your feet
  • All-in-one base means there shouldn’t be need for a liner underneath
  • Simple design for a better fit into different bathroom designs
  • Molded in center drain for easy connection to current drain system
  • Multiple sizes available to fit different bathroom spaces and sizes


  • Overall look isn’t as high end as some units
  • Need construction film or other product to protect surface from scratching

4. Schluter Kerdi 48” x 48” Thin Shower Tray

The Schluter Kerdi Shower Tray is actually a stylish but thin tray that is simple to install for showers that have no curb. This makes it easier to adjust the shower tray because it’s actually able to be cut down. If your shower is smaller than 48” x 48” you can easily cut this panel and make it fit into the space you have. This makes it easier for anyone to use, and the inexpensive price point makes it convenient as well. 


  • Can be cut down to any size to fit your space
  • Makes it easy to tile your shower
  • Base pan is sloped to the center to improve draining
  • Drain opening is centered into the floor of the surface
  • Design provides a unique look for your shower floor
  • Simple to use build-your-own-kit


  • Requires more work than some designs
  • Must be cut to fit your shower
  • Requires a mortar base and support

5. DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold 42” x 42” 

This sleek shower is built for smaller showers at 42” x 42”. It features a center drain and a low threshold that makes it easier for you to step down into it even with limited mobility. Available in three different colors that include biscuit, white and black, it’s made by a company that is well known for their overall quality and also provides a moderate price point that’s simple for just about any remodeling project. 


  • Low threshold for those with limited mobility
  • Includes support for base surface of the shower
  • Drain is centered to the middle of the shower to make attachment easier for existing drain system
  • Unit fits into the shower space between the studs
  • Includes limited lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Fiberglass reinforced for added durability


  • Requires base installed underneath
  • Acrylic can scratch or chip with extended use
  • Textured floor can be uncomfortable for extended standing

6. DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold Shower 32” x 42” 

Made by a company that is well known for quality shower bases and pans. It’s available in three different colors, including black, biscuit and white. This rectangular shower base features a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty and a standard drain design. It’s also created to sit firmly in the base of your shower stall to ensure a durable fit and a shower that you can really sit back and enjoy. This unit offers a rectangular shape to the design at 32” x 42” total. 


  • Single threshold design means that it’s more convenient for those with lower mobility
  • No flexing within the base because of durable design
  • Easy installation process 
  • Overall quality finish for the look of your bathroom
  • Solid and built to specifications 
  • Provides a high-quality showering experience


  • Does not include foam board for stability
  • Requires bed of mortar for installation
  • Drain can be difficult based on placement

7. Delta Faucet ProCrylic 60” x 32” 

For those with a left-drain shower the Delta Faucet ProCrylic is designed to give you a large shower space with a safe design. It’s available in several different sizes and can be found in a right-drain and center-drain as well. The non-porous design also means it is durable and won’t leak, as does the waterproof materials and the frame design that attaches firmly to the walls between the studs. There’s even a waterproof lip around the edges to attach it.


  • High-gloss surface for a sleek finished look
  • Acrylic material is easier to clean than others
  • Several drain options to fit your shower needs
  • Supported with foam base, permanently attached
  • Great look with edge and lip to protect from water leaks
  • Low threshold design attaches firmly and works with low mobility


  • Can be slippery when it gets wet
  • Can be somewhat flimsy if not secured strongly
  • Requires additional mortar for installation

8. DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold 36” x 36”

With this square shower you’re going to have a comfortable design that’s moderately sized. It’s available in three different colors alongside the limited lifetime warranty. It features a center drain that’s made to a standard 2” compression drain. It’s simple to install because of the single-piece framework and includes mortar to make the entire process much faster as soon as it arrives. The lip around the edge also creates a stylish look and provides for easier draining within the shower pan itself. 


  • Low threshold design for easy entrance and exit
  • 3-wall alcove design for easy fit
  • Fiberglass reinforced design for durability
  • cUPC certified shower tray
  • High-gloss surface provides a sleek impression
  • Provides watertight seal along sides and rear


  • Drain is not properly centered to the actual pan but only to the width
  • Textured surface not as comfortable as some
  • Drain is centered to width but not length

9. Schluter Kerdi 38” x 60” Off-Center Drain

The Schluter Kerdi shower tray is actually uniquely designed with a tile look to provide a beautiful appearance. If anyone is looking to create a beautiful bathroom oasis this shower base is a way that you can create exactly that, with an off-center drain to fit your current plumbing. The look gives your guests the impression that you’ve spent even more tiling the floor of your shower, but without having to go through the hassle of actually doing so. Instead, you just lay this simple pan and it’s ready to go. 


  • Surface has a stylish design over the traditional shower pan look
  • Sloped design to increase drainage of water
  • Designed to prevent mold and mildew with firm seal
  • Simple installation process to increase easy usability
  • Can be trimmed down to fit smaller shower spaces
  • Easy to work with support team as needed


  • Floor must be supported with additional mortar base
  • Primarily designed with waterproof band and Styrofoam
  • Texture not ideal for some

10. Woodbridge Tileable 60” x 34”

The Woodbridge shower base here comes in a sleek black color that will look great in any bathroom. It has a center mounted drain that will provide easy draining during and after showering. There are also several different sizes of shower pans available to fit your space. This is definitely one of the more unique options that we’ve provided here and will offer you and your family a very sleek look that is unmatched with anything you’ve likely seen from your friends and neighbors. 


  • Pre-pitched and sloped for easy installation and draining
  • Scratch and impact resistant for better durability
  • Includes stainless steel drain plate with brushed nickel coloring
  • Pan fits comfortably in shower space and tiles well around
  • Clean and simple process for installation
  • Easy to communicate with customer service for overall care


  • Requires additional mortar for base over what’s supplied
  • Drain is already fused into the base
  • Smooth surface not ideal for all users

What You Need to Know

Measuring for the Right Pan Size

The first thing you want to do is take a closer look at the actual size of the shower base for tile walls that you need. This means you’ll need to go into the bathroom itself and look at the space where you’re going to put the shower. If you already have a shower in that space or if you’ve already roughed in where you want the shower to go this is going to be an easier process. You can simply measure what’s already there. Keep in mind that there is a small amount of excess between the inside edge of the shower pan and the studs where your new shower base is going to attach. You’ll want to account for this when you measure.

Shower Pan Materials

What is the material that you want for your shower pan for tile walls? There are a few common materials for a shower pan that you’ll want to take a closer look at. 

  • Fiberglass – This is one of the most popular types of shower base for tile walls styles because it’s inexpensive but relatively durable. Fiberglass is actually a mixture of woven glass fibers and polyester resin and it provides a product that is usually reinforced and ready to go. It can stain pretty easily and it’s also going to need replacing more quickly. 
  • Acrylic – This is another of the most popular versions because it’s a little more durable and it’s going to be relatively inexpensive and easy to care for. That’s because it pretty well does what it needs to on its own and it’s treated to hold its shape. In fact, Acrylic is heated and then stretched to make sure that it’s not going to warp over time. 
  • Tile – Tiles are going to create a beautiful look and they’re definitely going to be something in your bathroom. In fact, you’ve probably seen a number of different amazing oases that use tile for their shower base. The downside is that these are going to be a lot more expensive and time consuming to install. Not only that but they’re difficult to keep clean, the grout starts to wear away and you’ll need a very strong and level substructure to install them properly. 
  • Composite – Composite materials are generally the best option, though they’re not always the most commonly used. That’s because they tend to be durable and strong. They’re lightweight and they’re able to repair as needed, with no problems. What some don’t like is that they can be more expensive to get up front, but if you don’t have to worry about replacing it or repairing it as frequently that higher cost can definitely pay for itself in the long run. 

Threshold Style

There are a number of different threshold styles that you can choose for a shower base, but it’s going to depend on your specific needs and the needs of others in your household. 

  • Tub/Shower Threshold – If your shower is also going to be a tub then you’re going to have a higher threshold. These are not ideal for those with mobility problems because they’re difficult to get in and out of.
  • Low Profile – If you have someone with a mobility issue in the house or you want to make sure that anyone with mobility problems will be comfortable in the house in the future you may want to take a closer look at low profile showers. These generally have a lip but the lip is very low, generally only a few inches. 
  • Barrier-Free – These types of thresholds are actually level, which means there is no actual threshold. Anyone who needs to get into the shower can simply walk into it in the same way that they would walk across the floor. 

Drain Location

Pay attention to the way you want to orient your shower and the way that the drain system is already set up in your bathroom. If you haven’t roughed anything in yet or hooked up plumbing you may have the freedom to choose any shower pan you want and frame out the drain and plumbing to match it. If you already ran the plumbing or it was already set up you’ll want to choose a pan that fits what’s already there to avoid any excess charges.

  • Center-Drain 
  • Right-Drain 
  • Left-Drain 


When it comes down to it, you’re going to want to know what is the best shower pan to use for tile walls and that’s definitely the Woodbridge Tileable Shower Base. It’s a beautiful option, and a unique one at that. With the comfortable size and overall quality, you’re definitely going to see how this one beats out the competition and delivers you a stunning bathroom in no time at all. 

The Best Alcove Bathtubs

Alcove Bathtubs

The whole concept of alcove bathtubs is not something new today. Some of the reasons why they tend to outdo other types of bathtubs are that they are durable, lightweight, guarantee comfort and most importantly require minimal space for installation.  

They’re actually one of those products that I would comfortably buy from online stores, resting assured that whatever it is that I ordered is what will be delivered to my doorstep. If you want to try them out and still can’t figure what is the best alcove bathtub to buy, we have reviewed the 10 best alcove bathtubs that you can choose from.  

The Best Alcove Bathtubs

1. KINGSTON BRASS 60-Inch VTDE603122R Alcove Contemporary Acrylic Bathtub

When asked about their ideal choice, many people often opt for rectangular bathtubs, and that’s why this brand has found its way to the top of the list. Kingston Brass bathtub has overall dimensions of 60’’×31’’’×22.5’’, with an apron attached to its body. 

It’s made with thicker acrylics, compared to other product ranges. This type of construction adds on to the bathtub’s durability, ensuring that it brings value for money to your bathroom life.

With a tub capacity of 58.2 gallons, it’s evident that you can still soak your body effectively; bearing in mind that it’s fairly deep. Something to note is that this tub has a right hand drain.


  • It features an apron that makes it easier to install
  • It has a stronger construction
  • It’s effective in retaining warmth for longer duration
  • It’s lightweight but durable 


  • It’s smaller in size
  • Features a fragile material that scratches easily

2. American 2973102.011 studio Standard  acrylic tub

Coming from a leading manufacturer of bath accessories and products, this bathtub brings home nothing but the best. This bathtub has a right- hand drain. We have two major designs for alcove bathtubs which include those with right and left-hand drains. Before buying any alcove tub, you have to find out if the style is ideal for you, as we had mentioned earlier. 

It has a properly textured floor. This minimizes the chances of you slipping when taking a bath. It also makes it safe for elderly or the physically challenged members of the family. It’s made of high-gloss acrylic, with a fiberglass coating. So for durability, look no further

This bathtub is easy to install, all thanks to its pre-leveled bottom. In addition to that, it also has a key three-sided tiling extension that prevents water outflow when you’re settled in the tub.


  • It’s easy to install and also comes with a manual. 
  • The floor has an anti-slip texture
  • It offers excellent quality
  • The construction is resistant to fading or scratching 
  • The bathtub is fairly deep


  • The length might not favour tall people 

3. American 2422V002.020 Evolution Standard Bathtub

Like the rest of the American Standard bathtubs, the 2422V002.020 range is also made of acrylics with fiberglass reinforcement. So your guess is as good as mine; it’s a durable product.

It features two in-built armrests. This enhances comfort and allows you to relax, a feature that you can only find in globally renowned brands. 

What’s more, it has a drain outlet that you can reverse to fit your bathroom needs. It doesn’t limit you on how to install the tub. This product can be customized to fit left or right-hand drain and also has an option for under mount installation. 


  • It’s ideal for limited bathroom space 
  • It’s equally effective for soaking
  • It can be installed as a drop-in or alcove bathtub
  • It has a pre-levelled bottom for ease of installation
  • It features two armrests 


  • It doesn’t include the deep-soak max drain

4. Fine Drop Fixtures In White  & Alcove Soaking Bathtub

This drop-in bathtub is a true definition of tranquillity. It reveals quality acrylic material with a modern porcelain finish, all of which protect the tab from damages caused by oils, cracks or even salty water. 

Without digging into further details, the first thing to note about the fine fixtures bathtub is that it’s slightly smaller than the rest, with the length measured at 48’’ against the standard 60’’. So, if you’re tall like me, you might want to reconsider your decision about taking this item home. 

The good thing about it is that it’s easy to install and is compatible with either left or right-hand side drain. It also features a well-textured surface, which eliminates chances of you slipping. This keeps you safe from any injuries and lets you focus on your bath with absolutely no worries.  


  • The surface is slip resistant
  • It’s easy-to-install
  • It works with either a right or left hand-side drain
  • It’s ideal for smaller bathrooms
  • It features a durable construction


  • It’s smaller than the rest

5. American 2422V002.011 Evolution Deep Soak Standard  Bathing Pool

This item is made with modern minimalists in mind. It measures 5 feet in length and 32 inches in width. This tub is also deep enough, so you can comfortably soak in it.

The bathtub has a design that features fiberglass coating, as has been the case with the American Standard bathtubs. With this, you’re guaranteed of a durable and resistant product that’s worth the price.  

Its design also features a backrest, to help maintain the body in an upright position when taking a bath, irrespective of how long it takes. 


  • Features a backrest and padded armrests 
  • It features a good drainage system
  • It’s easier to clean


  • The floor of the tub isn’t slip-resistant

6. American 2946212.011 Studio 60 by 32 Inch Standard Bathtub

We aren’t done with this brand of bathtubs yet. This item is also made of high-gloss acrylic which is then reinforced with fiberglass for durability. The bottom is pre-levelled, making the installation process less tedious. 

It has a fold-over design on the edges. This provides room for customizing the tub apron on the front. So with this, you can have it in any design or construction that matches that of your bathroom décor.

If you have a problem with smaller bathtubs, this tub might just be all you have been looking for. It’s larger, both in width and depth, giving you a maximized bathing space for taking your baths or soaking with no restrictions. 

It features a well-textured floor. This makes the bathtub safe to be used across the whole family, including the elderly who are usually at higher risks of injuries related to slipping when taking baths. 

This item is designed with an integral back support. This is a feature that you won’t find in all bathtubs, making this yet another bonus feature for this item. It ensures that you get all the support you need, especially if you take long baths or soaks, by keeping your lower back in the right position. 


  • Easy to install
  • It features an anti-slip tub floor
  • It has sizeable bathing space
  • The fiberglass coating makes it durable


  • It’s a  left-drain bathtub

7. KOHLER K-1155-0 5454 Corner bath

Corner bathtubs are gradually growing in popularity.  We now have them at various stores across the globe with many people opting for them because they’re super handy when you have smaller bathrooms. 

This particular brand comes in colours that complement any bathroom décor, so you don’t have to worry about having a weird-looking tub somewhere at the corner.

One of the things I like about this bathtub is that it’s designed for two people. Apart from helping you save space, it also helps you save water, time and energy. It’s also better way to bond with your loved one, because really, there’s never a better way to do so.  However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the tub all to yourself if you want to, I mean, there are no restrictions in the bathroom, right?

When it comes to comfort, Kohler takes it all. While most manufacturers invest only in either armrests or backrests, they decided to include the two in this bathtub. I can only imagine how comfortable the tub feels.


  • Accommodates two people
  • Enhances comfort with the armrests and backrest 
  • Requires minimal space 


  • It’s smaller in length 

8. American Savona 60 inches by 42 inches Standard Oval Bathtub

This is yet another bathtub that has smaller bathroom spaces into consideration. Irrespective of the size, it still comes with everything you need in a bathtub. And as they say, all you have to do is lean, relax and feel every moment that the oval tub has to offer

The tub comes with exciting features for a soaking-bath therapy, so look no further. It will provide you with the peaceful soaking time as it should be.

Apart from ease of installation, it’s also easy to clean. For effective bathtub care, all you need to use when cleaning is a dump piece of cloth and your regular bathroom cleaner.


  • It’s molded with a backrest
  • It’s designed  with two armrests
  • Has a reversible drain placement
  • It’s easy-to-clean


  • Requires to be handled with extra care when un-boxing

9. Signature LPI236-W-RD Drop-In Bath Whirlpool Bathtub

To other brands, it might just be about getting the work done, but to this Signature bathtub, a good bathtub is also defined by how attractive it is. 

This is a residential bathtub that gives you a complete package of enjoyment and relaxation that you mostly find in the high-end luxurious spa systems

The unique feature that you’ll find in this product is the jet upgrade, which is made of stainless steel. 


  • Features a valve that adjusts the air and water pressure
  • It has an anti-fungicide tubing that prevents harboring of bacterial 
  • Features the most effective water-pump


  • It’s slightly expensive

10. AR6532-12 Jet with Air Massage Heater, LED’s-LHM

To beat the standard length for most alcove bathtubs, the AR6532 is one of the brands that have heard and acted on the complaints raised about how small the 60-Inch tubs are. So, if you are often compelled to curl-up a little bit because of limited room for your legs, like I do, this bathtub is the way to go. The length stretches to 65 inches, and it only gets smaller by the width, with a measurement of 32 inches, helping save some bathroom space.

It features a jet system that distributes water effectively, and also ensures that the water temperature of your choice remains constant the entire time. It also has an unbeatable air massage system that gives the users a guaranteed hygienic bath. And to add on having safe bathing sessions, the system drains the excess water completely, once you’re done.

The air message jets are aligned at the base of the bathtub surface and with this; all the 20 of them easily blow the already heated air through the bathwater evenly. The manufacturer has designed the jets in a way that they also prevent water from flowing into the air lines.

Bath sessions are all about relaxation and this bathtub takes it to another level with an addition of LED therapeutic lighting. This technology delivers different light colors that bring a calming environment.


  • It provides extra room for the legs
  • It features a LED therapeutic lighting 
  • It has an inline heater that maintains water temperature in the bathtub 


  • It’s pricey

What to consider when buying Alcove Bathtubs

Size of the bathroom

Most alcove bathtubs come in standard sizes of 60 inches in length, 32 inches in width and 19 inches in depth. One of the reasons why these tubs also stand out is that they’re so reliable when looking to save some space. All you need to have is three walls, against which the bathtub will be installed. 

So with a fairly sized bathroom, you’re guaranteed that any alcove bathtub will fit just perfectly. That aside we still have quite a number of shapes and sizes that you can choose from, and this may also depend on your own personal preferences.

Your budget 

All bathtubs are priced differently, depending on the brand, size and even the accessories that come with it. How much you plan to spend on an alcove bathtub should also be relative to how often you’ll be using the same. There has always been a debate of which is the best option, between a shower and a bathtub. Maybe you should also share with us your opinion on this. 

What I’m trying to say is that if you’re one of those people who frequently use the shower, and  probably use the bathtub once in a month or something like that, then I would advise that you go for something more affordable, without also having to compromise on durability or quality. However, it’s all about what your checklist looks like, so if it feels perfect for you, just go for it. 

How you prefer to use the bathtub 

Many buyers often argue that alcove bathtubs aren’t the best for those who prefer to soak themselves. I would say this is relative, because with a bathtub which is deep enough, you can still soak effectively. In our reviews, we have included some of the bathtubs that will equally give you a perfect soaking session. 

Therefore, apart from the length of the bathtub, depth should also be a consideration. The only problem with deeper tubs is that that they could be of a disadvantage to physically challenged or elderly people, so they might need help when getting in and out of the tub.

The type of drain

With alcove bathtubs, you have to be careful with how the drain is designed, because the construction of the bathtubs dictates that they can only be installed in one particular way. This is of course with the exemption of a few brands, which have the drain designed to fit either on the left or right hand, most of which are also drop-ins.  

This information is always included by the manufacturer and so you can opt for the bathtubs with orientations that will work best for you. Therefore, first examine your existing system in the bathroom to make it easy looking for the best match, without having to approximate. 


In a summary, your chances of landing on the best alcove bathtubs depend on how well you understand your bathroom, from the décor to the rest of the structures involved. However, one thing that most people forget after taking their time to shop for the best products is that maintenance is still key. How often do you clean or asses your bathtub for any possibilities of wear and tear? 

Lucky enough, alcove bathtubs only require readily available products for effective cleaning, so you don’t have to look all over for any special cleaning products. That being said, I hope that you’ll find the right alcove to cover all your needs.