What Is A Multifunction Oven?

What Is A Multifunction Oven?

If I was required to select one feature I would want in a brand new cooker, it would be a multifunction feature. Lots of people don’t understand my reason for making such a choice but I will explain.

A multifunction oven is an oven with different heating methods and not the regular method of cooking. Therefore one can select the different cooking functions they need depending on the meal they are preparing.  In these ovens, the exact function you get varies based on the manufacturer but they include grilling, steam cooking, fanned oven up to meat probes.

Do you think the oven is worth its cost? Of course yes. There are different types of oven in the market so you can pick what soothes your style of cooking and go after it. These multifunction ovens are built in different versions which range from free-standing cookers to built-in appliances.  So no matter the size of your kitchen layout, there’ll always be that cooker that fits.

What Is A Multifunction Oven?

The multifunction oven is one that has different heating elements and methods making it easy for the user to choose how their food is cooked. The features of this oven are offered in different ways that include;

  • Choice of heating method: users are permitted to use either the fan-assisted method of heating to cook or the conventional method of heating.
  • Different heating elements: These ovens come with different heating elements that the user can control independently. With these heating elements, the user chooses what part of the elements can produce the necessary heat needed to cook meals.
  • Extra cooking features: apart from cooking functions, some multifunction grills come with extra features that include a grill, rapid start settings or even a defrost function.

Advantages of the Multifunction Oven

Users can choose their method of cooking depending on the meal they want to prepare. They can either choose between fan assisted heating which is best for baking while the conventional heating is good for certain recipes because the heat rises to the top of the oven.

You can also adjust your heat level so you can achieve the best result in your cooking

The top heating element can be used as a soft grill for cooking a certain meal type.

What is a Multifunction Electric Oven?

The multifunction electric ovens are ovens that have multiple heating elements attached to the oven walls. These heating elements also come with an electric fan and a grill system that can all be used together or differently depending on your meal. This oven has lots of functions that may confuse someone used to using an ordinary oven but if you study the oven well, you will master the use of its other functions.

What Does a Multifunction Oven Do?

Multifunction ovens as they call it are made to offer various cooking options that ensure the user achieves their target. So whether you want to roast for dinner or you want to achieve a perfect pizza base or to defrost leftovers, a multifunction oven can do all that.

Lots of these multifunction ovens have about three levels of a cooking spot which are a fan oven, conventional oven, and a grill. They also come with special modes that include rapid heat or defrost functions. Each model has a different selection so be sure to look at their specifications before making your choice.

What is the Difference Between a Multifunction Oven and a Fan Assisted Oven?

The difference between the multifunction oven and a fan assisted oven lies mostly in the beauty of their production. The multifunction oven has a heating element and a fan behind the compartment that circulates the heat generated from the element around the oven.  While the oven is operational, the fan runs constantly to circulate the heat to prepare an evenly prepared meal.  The temperature of the heat is about 20 degrees lower than the conventional oven.

The fan-assisted oven also comes with a fan at the back but the oven has extra heating elements at the bottom and top of the oven. So you can cook with or without the fan. This system gives users the option of using the fan when necessary or not. It can also be used for recipes that demand the use of conventional oven due to similar approaches.


To get the most out of your food as a baker, you have to fully understand the multifunction oven. You should try using the oven to get the full gist about its operations.  

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